I love my most recent yard sale find. 
It’s something I might put here on this wall (pardon the studs – we’re remodeling), or it might look good on my back patio.
Oh my, our house is rather pitiful right now, with this remodel going on. But I’m not letting it stop us from inviting people in!  We’re constantly opening our front door to friends.  
And hopefully they love us the same – paper cups, paper plates, garage in kitchen, mess and all.
I finally got inspired to clean off the dining room table.
Now you can see my favorite place to sit and write – Ahhh! A clean, open space!
And I wanted to show you one of my favorite birthday gifts this year. My friend Pam bought me this COOL blue glass jar, and I’m thinking this just might be the “blue” that I paint my kitchen.
What’s your latest yard sale find?

What do you think about this COOL shade of blue, along with a darker cabinet?
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