Yard Sale Find – and a COOL Blue!

I love my most recent yard sale find. 
It’s something I might put here on this wall (pardon the studs – we’re remodeling), or it might look good on my back patio.
Oh my, our house is rather pitiful right now, with this remodel going on. But I’m not letting it stop us from inviting people in!  We’re constantly opening our front door to friends.  
And hopefully they love us the same – paper cups, paper plates, garage in kitchen, mess and all.
I finally got inspired to clean off the dining room table.
Now you can see my favorite place to sit and write – Ahhh! A clean, open space!
And I wanted to show you one of my favorite birthday gifts this year. My friend Pam bought me this COOL blue glass jar, and I’m thinking this just might be the “blue” that I paint my kitchen.
What’s your latest yard sale find?

What do you think about this COOL shade of blue, along with a darker cabinet?
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24 comments on “Yard Sale Find – and a COOL Blue!”

  1. That's too funny! I was just telling my husband a couple weeks ago that I was thinking of changing over to an aqua blue… so beautiful! And would look wonderful with pops of orange!

  2. A room in that shade of blue would be wonderful.

    Haven't been to any yard sales recently. I need to be sending things out of my house not bringing them is so I'm restraining myself from temptation.


  3. I just love this blue. When I was in Paris earlier this year, I got a cute water sprayer for plants that was this gorgeous shade of blue glass.

    It is the most beautiful colour I've ever seen, so I definitely love your idea of painting a whole room with it!



  4. I have the exact same flower wall hanging in my dining room. except i paid full price at Pier 1…

  5. I love the jar, I was tempted by one like it. Hmmm…I need a friend to get me one! :-)

    The blue is lovely and I am SO excited about your kitchen remodel! Mess and all, it will end up lovely!

  6. My kitchen IS that blue (or very similiar), and I love it.
    Many Blessings,
    [email protected]

  7. A painting – a real one – of my favorite street in Charleston – $6.00…

  8. what a great blue jar!

    My latest and greatest yard sale (actually an estate sale) find is a neat-o blue chair that really completes my living room.

  9. I love the blue glass jar…it's so pretty.

  10. What a pretty wall hanging! Great find! I know what you mean about remodeling…I call our place "the constructions site", hehe!

  11. Sandy, I love that shade of blue, it would be great with dark (browish?) cabinets. I have to tell you something I thought was really cool looking at your pictures…I have the SAME dining room chairs! :) I bought them (4 side chairs) at a thrift store for $35. I love them, so pretty. :)

  12. That is so cute.

  13. That jar looks just gorgeous with the light shining through it!

  14. What a sweet gift, and the blue is just so pretty.

  15. Your new find is AWESOME! I am thinking of lots of places in my house it would look just great. :)

  16. I love that shade of blue with a dark colored wood and your garage sale find makes nice art no matter where ya hang it:)

  17. So pretty, Sandy! I just love that cool blue jar, that would be gorgeous in your kitchen.

  18. I love the blue-it's beautiful!

  19. Oh girl my house is a mess compared to yours and we're not remodeling…wait…I guess we are gutting a room in the basement, but it's not the kitchen!! It's my goal this week to have two rooms at least that look clutter free :0)
    Love that wall hanging and the blue is very cool…

  20. My best recent finds were: a recumbent exercise bike for $25 (I've been wanting one forEVER), 6 padded hangers in the original packaging for 25 cents, and a pair of sterling silver cross earrings for a dollar! Love yard sales! And I like your blog a lot!

    BTW, I'm using your recipe to cook purple hull peas tonight. Only difference is I'm using salt pork instead of packaged bacon.

  21. How nice to have a friend that would give you such a COOL gift! :-) I love the color. Also like your "find"!.

  22. LOVE that blue… might be called a tiffany blue.

  23. Very fun stuff…love that blue!!!

    sandy toe

  24. I LOVE the blue…very mediterranean. And I have the same pedestal.
    [email protected]~Mella

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