Yard Sale Finds: Need Vs. Junk!

What I really love about yard sale shopping is when I find something for a few dollars, but more importantly when it’s something that I’ve needed for quite some time. Like our toaster which recently died, and then finding this beauty for $3. It’s like new and works perfectly!

There seems to be a big difference with “need” versus bringing home more “junk.”

I’m constantly trying to thin out. I keep a box in the garage where I can add to it, or take to Good Will when it gets full.

In the meantime, here are a few $1 finds that really make me happy. All under $5 – I’ve saved in the hundreds of dollars by being smart and buying used.

Large Family Room pillows – $4 for all.

Bathroom basket and small plant – $1 each.

Planter turned napkin holder – $1.

Set of 25 glass dishes – $5.

Perfect for apples – $5 (I probably spent too much on this item).

Lamp – $1.

Large decorative bowl – $4.

A favorite Good Will pitcher – $1.99.

Yard saling doesn’t have to be big and elaborate.

Sometimes it’s the $1 finds that can really make you happy!

I’d love to hear about your weekend bargains?

(If you didn’t catch my yard sale post last week, check out my $5 bargain, and my time with Apron Thrift Girl. I’m so excited to get this cool, retro light fixture hung! Today this post is linked to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures. And in case you need to find another awesome blog – Linda T has posted her bargains and I just love her $2.99 burlap table runner! Take a peek!)

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  1. I haven’t been yard saling much this summer. Like you said, it’s a real matter of need vs. want/junk. I made a list of a few “wishes” (stuff for the deck, a bench, etc.) but try not to veer off unless it’s something really exceptional. The sales I have stopped at recently haven’t had a whole lot to offer, so I haven’t felt bad about *missing* any good bargains. ;)

  2. That big bowl is so neat! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s funny that you wrote this post today – I just got back from selling at our local flea market all morning, and of course came home with a few new things. I totally agree with you about the flow of old and new – needing to purge when you bring new items in! It feels so good to clean and replace with newer items you’re more “in love” with.

  3. I already emailed you my latest finds but I’ll share again. I found 2 packs of cloth napkins brand new in packages. 4 napkins in each dark sage green for $1 each, hand quilted pot holder .25 & 4 round red placemats for .75 each. Since my family is working hard to pay off bills, it’s nice to know you can entertain on a budget. Thank you.

  4. I’ve had some serious luck lately at Goodwill. I lucked upon a pair of $5 salt and pepper shakers that were cut glass with sterling feet – which matches a pair i bought an antique extravaganza last winter for $30 – which btw – matched a footed compote that we inherited from Vance’s grandmother – so huge score for me.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your finds this week. That 1.00 lamp is amazing! I also love the idea of using the planter as a napkin holder. I’m filing that one away for the future.

  6. Love your finds Sandy. I agree, I no longer bring home ‘stuff’ because they’re good deals… they have to be specifically what I’m looking for.
    I just blogged about my latest deals-

  7. Love that pitcher! I’m thrilled because I found 2 headboards, 2 tables, a mirror, a chair, & a few other things for under $35 at our Goodwill’s half-price sale this weekend. Can’t wait to get busy making them over & blogging about it!

  8. Love the yard sale finds. I have recently moved and I am struggling to find a good thrift store and decent yard sales. Love the napkin holder. That’s the next thing I will be looking for.

  9. Great finds, Sandy! I know, there are so many tempting things out there. I’m always in purge mode & bring home stuff only to get rid of older stuff. It’s a cycle! But, I sure do love to score the bargains. Love that pitcher! And can’t wait to see that vintage fixture hung up.

  10. I haven’t been to a yard sale yet this year, but I have discovered two thrift shops in my area that are incredible. We are not near chains, like Goodwill. They are small and such fun places to go. Both are related to a charity. I found great clothes for my daughters yesterday, but my big find was for me. I found a set of the most beautiful cobalt blue goblets. 12 for $7 seemed good. I think you’d pay that for one in the store.
    Sandy, your finds look great. The pitcher, plates and toaster would have been things that I would have liked to find.

  11. Love the planters, especially the napkin holder. I think we have the same taste!

  12. Dishes are one of my favorite yard sale and goodwill finds. I love those glass plates that you found.

  13. I found the most adorable vintage chest of drawers {tongue and groove!} for $10.00. It is child-sized so it is perfect. I think I am going to use it outside during the summer months as a buffet. I can’t wait to repaint it and find new knobs! Your glass plates were definitely a bargain!

  14. Love it all!! What I really need to do is purge my craft room. I’ve had a box in there for a month now and it only has 3 items in it. Why is it that it’s so hard to part with something I paid good money for or see value in even if I’m not using it? I think I will also put a box in the garage so I can put stuff in from the rest of the house. Great idea….but wish me luck! lol.

  15. Without a doubt, you have some wonderful finds there. I love that lamp and the napkin holder the best, I think. BUT those glass plates are probably the best score. I constantly have to borrow plates for parties and showers from my mom.

  16. Yard sale hopping is one of my favorite past times but you seem to find so much good stuff! I haven’t been in a while but you’re inspiring me to hit the road soon.

  17. I love the urn that your apples are in and the old world looking container for your napkins. You really have a great eye for great pieces that blend so well together. Thanks for sharing.

  18. We were away at soccer so no garage sales last weekend. Maybe in a few weeks.

    Great finds!!

  19. This is so true! I’m learning to not just get something for the house because I like it and it’s a good deal. I’ve even been passing up our once a month, 50% off everything day at Good Will {gasp} because we already have so much stuff.

  20. My wife and I love a good garage sale and finding things that we love on the cheap. That said…. two weeks ago I was at a garage sale and found some great valances, and since we are, or I am always looking for ways to change the look of a room, ok ok I get bored alot LOL. Anyway I find these valances and there are 5 of them….. and all 5 are $1.00 yep a buck, did I mention that they are Waverly, so you know that someone paid a hefty price for them so I scooped them up took them home and they looked marvelous in our family room…. but the wife said ummm they need some colored sheers under them, now we have several set of varying shades of white, plain ones, ones with a pattern on them but no colored ones… ahh so long story short my $1.00 valances ended up costing $35.00 for the whole make over, still a bargain considering we have 3 big windows in our family room. And the best part???? We had company over for dinner on Saturday and what did the notice right away huh? huh? it was my $1.00 valances….. love a good garage sale even if it ends up costing a bit more that I thought
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  21. Shoot, Sandy! I have been hitting the American stores while I can! :) I did find some CUTE little appetizer plates at Home Goods that have black rims with white polka dots and a scottie in the center with some pink thrown in- AND matching mugs for our Tea Time Tuesdays….I felt the girls and I needed them! ha!

  22. My wife and I went to the Hospice Shop in Madison WI for the first time. It is run by volunteers and they have Nice things at good prices and money goes to great cause.
    My wife found several shirts that go with capris she already has. we also got 4 tall ceramic mugs that match the Christmas snowman set we put out ech year. 99 cents ea. May still go back for desert plates, clear etched glass 99 cents each and 11 of them. just the thing for one of our come on over partys.


  23. Oh, I love that pitcher AND those plates!!!! HUGE score! I am loking forward to getting to some garage sales soon!

  24. Wow, you are the queen of thrifty. I have a box of “to go ” items by the door too :-)

    Love your blog!

  25. I went garage/yard/estate sale hopping yesterday and today. I’m proudest of today because I spent only $20.25 over the 3+ hrs that I was out. My highlights are: a super cute dresser for my daughter for $5 –needs only a small repair; a garden sprayer for $1 that I desperately needed; a favorite movie on dvd for just twenty-five cents… I could go on, but I won’t. :-D

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  27. I love your finds – you certainly discovered some bargains. I have a local junk shop I visit regularly. Even picking up colourful plates which I attach to fencing by our patio – adds lots of colour. they even last through the British rain, wind and frost!

    Old Blighty

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