It was an unusual yard sale day.
Normally I’ll go yard-saling by myself or with some girlfriends. But today I grabbed my husband.
We only went to a few.
He found his favorite garden tool.
I got some great succulent plants and a cool, old cooler (my imagination went wild with what I can do with this beauty!)
Who can beat $2 succulents?
And a $1 apron?
$2 salad bowl (the bowl I’ve used for years just cracked in half!)
A $2 cooler on wheels – for summer fun.
We’ll be planting this $5 maple tree in our front yard.
One of our favorite trees at the house where we lived for 10 years, was a yard sale tree.  
A whoppin’ 75-cents!
What has been your favorite yard sale find this year?  And do you ever score on plants or trees?

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