Yard Sale – SCORE!

It was an unusual yard sale day.
Normally I’ll go yard-saling by myself or with some girlfriends. But today I grabbed my husband.
We only went to a few.
He found his favorite garden tool.
I got some great succulent plants and a cool, old cooler (my imagination went wild with what I can do with this beauty!)
Who can beat $2 succulents?
And a $1 apron?
$2 salad bowl (the bowl I’ve used for years just cracked in half!)
A $2 cooler on wheels – for summer fun.
We’ll be planting this $5 maple tree in our front yard.
One of our favorite trees at the house where we lived for 10 years, was a yard sale tree.  
A whoppin’ 75-cents!
What has been your favorite yard sale find this year?  And do you ever score on plants or trees?

(If you have minute, check out Rhoda’s Treasure Hunting.  Really neat stuff!)

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  1. Great finds, Sandy! Glad you and hubby made the rounds. I love the plants & yes, I look for those too. Last year, I found a big container of hens & chicks for $3. I'd love to find more of those like you did. Thanks for joining the party this week.

  2. I have not hit the sales yet this year, but hope to, there are some things I’d like to find. One thing I did years ago was make a list of things I wanted to find. It was handy to know what I was looking for.

    Those are great finds….especially the plants.

  3. I should put a post of all the yard sale scores I found this weekend. It was awesome.

    You did fantastic. Love the succulents. I need to look for plants.


  4. I LOVE the feeling you get from finding a Treasure for $5 or less!! The last steal I got was 8 pyrex custard cups, a new pair of shoes and a hat for my husband, all for $3! Oh I just love it. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any good thrift stores in Oahu yet…we’ll keep checking the garage sales!

  5. Last year I scored a huge English bowl made in the late 1800’s for $10! My best find yet!

  6. My best find was a Lloyd Loom wicker sofa for $40. Retail is in the hundreds!
    [email protected]~Mella

  7. Wow, you did score…BIG! Good for you, Sandy.

    My husband and I used to hit yard sales all the time. Nowadays we have far too much stuff…we’re more likely to have a yard sale than go to one.

    Enjoy your new finds. :)

  8. How fun! It’s so great to find a cool deal. I can’t say I’ve found a good yard sale deal lately-but I just find a super cool outdoor light at Lowe’s for 3.12! Normally $50-I was pretty excited about that one!

  9. Love the cooler! I wish I could find plants at a yardsale, I love your succulents!

  10. I just found the coolest old 1950s Mix Master that even included the original instructions manual with the best prim and proper 1950s housewife on the front. My kitchen is decorated in retro items from the 1950s so this just made my day!

  11. I’ve NEVER been to a yard sale that sold plants. I’m jealous!

  12. We have AWFUL yard sales in our area. AWFUL. Most of the items are so beaten up that they should just be tossed. We NEVER have plants around these parts! Sad!

  13. Forgot to say I love the succulents and that salad bowl. Enjoy….

  14. At a garage sale in Washington last weekend I got some beautiful cut glass dessert plates 6 for $3.50. Kind of pricey :0)
    This Saturday I over spent again and got a very long tablecloth in perfect condition with 11 napkins to match for $5.00 (I don’t bargain well)

  15. wow i never thought of selling plants at a yard sale. thats a good idea.

  16. I love that old cooler so much! I would like to find one to just sit on my porch, looking cute. I don’t do well with plants at garage sales. They always charge way more than I would pay at the store. I realize that they had to dig it up and divide it, but come on!

  17. I love all of your finds! I haven’t really been bitten by the yard-sale bug yet. I look at all the wonderful finds you and other creative people find, and think I should get going, but. . .maybe this year. . .

  18. What a great haul!!! Absolutely loving those succulents… and that’s my favorite gardening tool too!! Just love the way it cuts down those nasty weeds in one quick stroke!!

  19. One of my most favorite “treasures” (that is what my girls and I call yard sale finds)was an old wagon for the girls. We also got Disney stories on cassette that even after eight years, still hold their attention and have nutured good listening skills. A microwave for our camper,an antique good and an ameythst bracelet. We always have plants at our yardsales.

  20. Hi Sandy!
    How funny that you should ask when I just happened to post a couple of my favorite finds of the season!

    And they were all found while my sister Ginny was visiting from Wisconsin last week.

    Come see my best deals!

    LOVE your succulents Sandy! Great finds!

  21. Love that apron! And those succulents! I love yard saling. What a fun date to have with your man.

  22. Plants at a yard sale..that is great!!! I would love that!!

    sandy toe

  23. I’m hoping to hit the sales this weekend….its been so crazy around here that I have missed some….great buys for you though!

  24. Great finds! I love going to garage sales. Around here people are always selling plants and flowers for real cheap and the good thing is is most of the time they are right out of their yard so you know they can survive in that environment. Most of the flowers from WalMart have been in a nursery and when you plant then in the ground they freak out and die. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.
    I think this year my biggest scores recently were brand new Disney Incredible shirts for the boys for .50 a piece and a 4 bowl serving platter for $1.00 and 2 citronella geraniums for .25 each. Which are now huge by the way.

  25. Those succulents are GORGEOUS! And love the old cooler.

    This year: not a steal, but have been looking a long time: a brand new synthesizer for my composing son — $20

    Of all time: a 10 cent lawn edger with seasoned hickory handle. Every time I clean the edges of the walkway and mulch, I bless that seller : )

    deb meyers

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