When my cousin Peggy sent me pictures of her neighbor’s beautiful cherry tree, I couldn’t help but remember the mess I made last year when I canned cherries.
I wanted to let my kids experience canned cherries the way I did as a kid.
They always tasted like candy to me.  My childhood friend, Adrienne loved to come to our house for my mom’s canned cherries.  I think she’d eat a whole jar full at a time!
Besides, they were another work of God’s beautiful creation.
My cousin Aaron started picking away on their neighbor’s tree!  Shhh, don’t tell his neighbors!
Peggy reminded me of the mess.  They had to rebuild their old pitter, and then they went to work at pitting them in their laundry room.  Fabulous idea!  I pitted our cherries in the kitchen.
This year I decided to focus on canning pears and peaches, and skip the cherries.
But I will admit, last years’ cherry pitting party, although it was very messy, was a blast!
What is your favorite fruit to can?

If you haven’t learned to can, what fruit would you be interested in canning?  
Side note:  My apron was not that clean when I finished.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of the true mess.  And, Peggy & Aaron’s neighbors do know about the cherry-picking.  So they are not in trouble:)

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