Yes, Cherries are WAY Messy!

When my cousin Peggy sent me pictures of her neighbor’s beautiful cherry tree, I couldn’t help but remember the mess I made last year when I canned cherries.
I wanted to let my kids experience canned cherries the way I did as a kid.
They always tasted like candy to me.  My childhood friend, Adrienne loved to come to our house for my mom’s canned cherries.  I think she’d eat a whole jar full at a time!
Besides, they were another work of God’s beautiful creation.
My cousin Aaron started picking away on their neighbor’s tree!  Shhh, don’t tell his neighbors!
Peggy reminded me of the mess.  They had to rebuild their old pitter, and then they went to work at pitting them in their laundry room.  Fabulous idea!  I pitted our cherries in the kitchen.
This year I decided to focus on canning pears and peaches, and skip the cherries.
But I will admit, last years’ cherry pitting party, although it was very messy, was a blast!
What is your favorite fruit to can?

If you haven’t learned to can, what fruit would you be interested in canning?  
Side note:  My apron was not that clean when I finished.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of the true mess.  And, Peggy & Aaron’s neighbors do know about the cherry-picking.  So they are not in trouble:)

24 comments on “Yes, Cherries are WAY Messy!”

  1. You look so cute in your yellow apron. :) I don't know how to can, but if I did, I'd probably do cherries – my family loves them!

  2. I remember as a child living in the Midwest when we would visit family in Salem, OR (who knew I'd end up on this side of the world as an adult?)… we would eat canned cherries.

    I thought it was one of the most special treats a child could have been given! Who knew the work that went into them? YUM!

  3. My mom canned while I was growing up but I never learned how. I'd love to can peaches and make apple butter.

    What is your best canning advice???

  4. I can strawberry jam every May. This year I'm doing peach jam and salsa tooo… tomatoes are coming in already.

  5. I have never canned anything and wouldn't know where to start! I don't think it's as common or popular 'down under'. Pity, looks like it could be delicious fun!!

    I have passed on the good news of my lovely win on your blog on my latest post. Thanks again!!

  6. How do you pit cherries? This is my first time to get fresh cherries. I have just eaten 4 lbs. in the last 2 weeks.(good for my gout) I would love to put some up for later. Sandra C. from Moulton, AL

  7. I just picked a whole bunch of cherries from my sister in laws tree. I love cherries not only are the cutest fruit but they taste delicious!

  8. I just picked a mess of cherries today, and I can't wait to can them! I'm also trying to come up with some other things to do with them. I'll have to Google recipes this evening. Canned cherries are delicious, but I also love fresh baking. Why not do both, right? :)

  9. Wow, you are early. Cherries haven't come on yet.
    I don't "can" anything, but I am the freezer and dehydrater queen.

  10. *gasp* I want a cherry tree!

    Peaches are my favorite to can!

  11. Hey, Sandy! I don't know how to can! You could do a tutorial on that–then we could all get messy!! The pictures are great though!!


  12. My first cans EVER {peaches} are hanging out, upside-down on our kitchen counter right now. I hope they seal!

    I'm so excited to learn how to can.

  13. Ahhh great idea about the laundry room. I just happen to have two buckets full of cherries needing to be pitted :/

  14. Grandma and Grandpa Dubs' canned cherries bring back a lot of memories. Maybe they came from your mom! I was too young to know who canned them, but I remember watching Grandpa eating them almost everyday! Thanks for helping me remember the sweet cherry memories! love ya, cuz!

  15. Yummm. I heart cherries–big time! I remember having grilled cheese sandwiches and canned peaches a lot growing up. So it is a good thing that my husband LOVES peaches. I definitely did not can enough last year.
    I am just getting into canning. So far I have done peaches, pears, apples, and pickled green beans.

  16. Wow, those cherries look amazing! We don't have those here like that in the deep south. I like to mostly can jelly, preserves, and have never really canned just the fruit. I think your ideas on checking out my style will be a big help to me. I have many things that are great, but just probably aren't my style, so I should get rid of them. Have a wonderful week. Jackie

  17. Oh, I have never seen a cherry tree ripe and ready to pick. It makes me want one. We love cherries so much. I have made strawberry jam and jelly. That is about it.

  18. My friend has 5 cherry trees in Idaho and she says she's been pitting cherries and canning them for a week now! LOL. I just want the finished product!
    I have never canned anything but I would like to can apples. I've seen your apple pie canned mix and have thought how great that would be to have on hand and the easy desserts you made with it.
    I'm just afraid of killing my whole family by not doing it righ! LOL

  19. Bing Cherries are my absolute favorite fresh fruit to eat… but to can fruit?? Hands down,it would have to be PEACHES (using my Mom's recipe). We also can our own applesauce – though I admit I prefer freezing mine.

  20. I'm soooo hoping to go cherry picking this weekend! Hooray for cherries!

  21. I love apples – anything apples! I make applesauce and my children gobble it up. Apple butter is awesome, too. I think part of my love of apples is the fall season – crisp air, blue skies, colorful leaves, and a warm, cozy kitchen that smells like apples!

  22. I think peaches are my favorites. Although one year, I did a compote-type fruit thing where you start with 1 cup of brandy in a large crock, and add a cup of fruit as it comes in season. Then in the fall, you bottle it. MAN! This stuff on good vanilla ice cream is absolutely wonderful!

  23. I love cherries. I have to admit that I do not can anything currently. My good friend has been convincing me to do it. She just canned cherries with one of her friends and she pitted them by hand and her nails were all stained :) I'd actually like to do peaches and maybe make some jam. I'll let you know if I do. :)

  24. Yum! Look at all those lovely cherries!

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