You don’t have to take a Full Course Meal!

My dad’s wife, Ginny, recently had foot surgery, so I took a meal to her and my Dad while she was recovering.  Two weeks ago I found myself with my foot propped up, having the same surgery as Ginny.  So I’ve been down for awhile and taking time to heal.

So many friends came and offered to help and bring our family meals.  I was overwhelmed with the kindness and love that I felt.
I don’t stress over taking meals to people. I use what I have and I know from past experience that any kind of meal is appreciated when you are in need.  Amen to that!

If you want to read more on how to set up meals for a needy family, head over to Christian Women Online, where I offer a simple list about this very subject in CWO’s Ask Sandy column.

So what did I take to my Dad and Ginny for dinner?

My easy green enchiladas, a few tulips from our yard, and I asked Ginny what else I could bring her to help her enjoy her down time. (Can you really enjoy downtime?  I guess so, if you have something meaningful to do!  I hate T.V.!)

She was reorganizing her recipes into books, like I have done with my kid’s memory books, so I bought her the supplies at Costco, and then she reimbursed me.

I can’t wait to see the results of her hard work (she is a fantastic cook too!), and I was happy to help out.

I didn’t feel like I needed to take a full-course meal, either. That one entree would be enough and appreciated.

Although, we were happy with the entire meal. (Thank you ladies!)  I just get so tired of my own cooking …
Do you ever take meals to others? Do you keep it simple, or do you feel like you have to take a full-course meal?

In celebrating a beautiful life, head on over to The Inspired Room and read about Melissa’s plan for celebrating summer simply.  I love her ideas.  My beautiful story this week came from friends and family supporting our family and bringing us food!  Friends and food go hand-in-hand!
The winner to the GIFT BASKET is Amanda from The Lazy Moms! Congrats Amanda!

31 comments on “You don’t have to take a Full Course Meal!”

  1. I work about 60+ hours a week. So I make meals for me and my family and friends usually only 1 or 2 days a week. I cook up individual meals usually about 40 meals at a time depending on what I have on hand and what space I have. I find it nice knowing my family is never more than 5 minutes from a meal when noone can cook. These meals I make make it easy for somone who isn't always capable and is on a strict diet but can at leaste use a microwave most people at worste can heat somethigg up in the microwave.

  2. Sandy, do you use the clear sheet protectors or the non-glare? I don't think I have ever used the non-glare before, but there was a choice at my Sam's and was wondering which you use for your memory books. Of course, our store did not have the 2" binders. Every other size, but not 2"! I'll have to look for those at the regular stores.


    Lisa R.

  3. Yay! ThAnks so much. I am so excited!

  4. It depends on how much time I have and what I have on hand. Sometimes it's just a one dish meal and a simple dessert. No matter how simple or elaborate, it's always appreciated.

  5. We were so blessed to be able to take a meal to a friend and her husband last night. She had open heart surgery, and her church took such good care of her that we had to wait a good couple of weeks to get in the schedule~LOL! So we took a turkey/spinach meatloaf, colorful potato salad (that's not traditional), and a yummy fruit salad. I admit to going and spending $$$ to do it, as I did not have all the ingredients at home. Still, it was SOO GOOD to be able to see and spend time with her! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  6. In the caring ministry at our church, I signed up for meal making. I always make a quiche and pack a salad in a bag as well. I buy the ready-made crust when I don't have time to make homemade.

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