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Balcony Girls

Hello friends. My Balcony Girls 1 and Balcony Girls 2 eBooks are now available for purchase!

Here’s what readers are saying:

Balcony Girls takes a lot of these skills and life lessons that I’ve so much wanted to share with my girls and puts it in a lesson that can be done once a month/or more in an hour and half and includes a snack, lesson and often a craft to drive home the concept. It does all the work for me! Plus, because of the way the lessons are layed out, I can use them in the confines of Girl Scouting and the girls will get the best of both.

I just purchased your Balcony Girls e-book. I want to thank you for taking the time to create this book, and to share what you have so lovingly developed and implemented with your daughter, her friends, and their families. You have created a wonderful resource. I am looking forward to beginning a Balcony Girls group with my daughter and her friends. We need ‘Balcony Girls’ in our schools and communities. I will be praying for guidance in deciding who to invite to the group. This is a big step for me to be the coordinator, but I believe that this is so needed, and I want my daughter (6th grade), to have these life skills.

I’m also thrilled to share what’s taking place in out in Colorado, where a reader recently shared about her brand new Balcony Girls group:

We had our first meeting this past weekend and 5 girls were there, the other five had prior “fall break” commitments. THEY LOVED IT! They were over the top excited that this was something we are doing each month. They were sponges! They were hungry and are starving for more. I am humbled by all of it. After school on Monday, one of the BGs got off the bus, came over and shared all that happened at school that day. The group of BGs (as they’ve called them selves) were so excited and still talking about all they had learned. They were even able to encourage one of the girls who was being bullied. They were able to support one who was up for an award and they were able to befriend a new girl who had just arrived at school. The seeds have been planted – mostly through your efforts and Balcony Girls.

For those who are wondering what “Balcony Girls” is all about, 7 years ago I opened my home once a week during the school year to a group of elementary-aged girls (my daughter was in 3rd grade). Since I write about hospitality here at RE, this little BG program might be exactly what you are looking for, especially if you have a daughter and are looking for a way to “reach out.”

You can purchase my E-Book right now for $9.95!

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The Chapters in Balcony Girls E-Book 1 include (virtues):
{Lesson ONE: What is a Balcony Girl?} – CARING
{Lesson TWO: The Good Gift of Words} – SELF DISCIPLINE
{Lesson THREE: The Value of Trust} – TRUSTWORTHINESS
{Lesson FOUR: Being a Confident Girl} – CONFIDENCE
{Lesson FIVE: Barbie, Beauty and YOU} – SELF ESTEEM
{Lesson SIX: Growing Teamwork} – UNITY
{Lesson SEVEN: Dangers of Two-Faced Girls} – AUTHENTICITY
{Lesson EIGHT: Open your Circle of Friends} – FRIENDSHIP

The Chapters in Balcony Girls E-Book 2 include (virtues):
{Lesson ONE: Hospitality is a Gift} – HOSPITALITY
{Lesson TWO: Speak Up and Stand Up For Yourself & Others} – ASSERTIVENESS
{Lesson THREE: Steadiness with Moody and Prickly Friends} – STEADFASTNESS
{Lesson FOUR: Respect is What you Offer a Friend} – RESPECTFULNESS
{Lesson FIVE: How to Protect Yourself from the Bully} – COURAGE
{Lesson SIX: Being Perceptive About Friendships} – PERCEPTIVENESS
{Lesson SEVEN: Giving Thanks Makes for Happier Girls} – THANKFULNESS
{Lesson EIGHT: Learning Forgiveness in the Garden} – FORGIVENESS


Balcony Girls doing art
What is Balcony Girls?
When I started Balcony Girls back in 2005 (my daughter was in 3rd grade) the idea originated from wanting to teach young girls about virtues and friendships. It takes time, love, and effort to invest into their lives, but it’s so worth it.

Balcony Girls Jello cake

Balcony Girls includes life-changing lessons and activities that help adolescent girls become “balcony girls,” young women who build others up rather than pulling others down. I see this as a growing problem within our negative pre-teen culture today. A philosophy of encouragement, strength, and courage permeates the stimulating lessons and activities, which reinforce time-honored virtues such as honesty, trustworthiness, respect, confidence and compassion.

Balcony Girls doing art

Balcony Girls teaches pre-teen and teen girls about the deeper meaning of friendships, how to grow their faith, and how to stand by their friends during these difficult years as a growing girl.

Each Balcony Girls afternoon consists of a lesson, craft or snack idea, a game or object lesson that goes along with the study, and tips, ideas and instruction on how to make it all personally impacting for the girls.

Thank you for your interest in this program. Seven years ago I looked for a book that had a lesson, a craft, a snack, and taught a valuable lesson. I couldn’t find a program to use; thus Balcony Girls came to be. I am very excited to be working on BG E-Book 3 now as well. Please keep in touch by email!

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Big thanks to Deanna Garretson who put these books together for me.