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The Big Board

Epic Big Board product shot

Get your own epic Big Board today!

The Big Board is beautiful, and perfectly made by America’s premier wood maker, JK Adams.

Available in SEVEN great sizes: 20-inch round for smaller gatherings, 26-inch round for larger get togethers, 12 x 36-inch rectangular board, 12 x 24-inch rectangular board, and NEW! 12 x 24-inch TRAVEL (folding) board!
26-inch round BLACK ebonized, and 12x36-inch BLACK ebonized. All SEVEN sizes include the all-important raised lip and food safe finish. Every board comes with my RE logo on the back!

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Setting out The Big Board is a great way to bring people together. It’s a casual, fun way to host, where everyone serves themselves! My boards are easy to transport, so the food doesn’t fall off, and perfect for any style of cook! Whether cooking from scratch, or buying premade food in the store, building a board is an artful way to present your delicious food!

From desserts to appetizers, breakfast to charcuterie, I’ve got recipes and ideas for your very own Big Board spread! Think wholesome dinners, or party celebrations. 

The Big Board Recipes