Host a fall gathering with a Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board. Use fall flavored mini pies–pumpkin, pecan, apple, and sweet potato. Serve with spiced cream!

Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board

Friends, just in time for an autumn gathering, you can grab the shopping list for this Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board. You may remember my Epic Summer Mini Pie Board a few months ago–a big party hit!

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Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board ingredients

  • Mini pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, apple pies, pecan pies (we buy these at Walmart or Safeway)
  • Apple slices
  • Grape clusters
  • Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies
  • Fill in with pecan halves
  • Easy Spiced Whipped Cream

    BEST Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board

Think pumpkin pie with whipped cream

This is such a fun dessert idea for hosting! Mix up your favorite mini pies and serve with fresh whipping cream.

Think pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, and feel free to add berry pies!

Have you tried sweet potato pie?

Easy Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board

Mini Pie Board

This mini pie board is EPIC for a large gathering! Maybe it’s a harvest party, where you are in charge of desserts (you can really stack the pies high), or you’re hosting a fall dessert party!

Autumn Mini Pie Dessert Board

Dessert parties are fun, and they take the stress off of having to cook the entire meal.

Mini Pie Dessert Board

Will you be hosting a Halloween party or Thanksgiving this year?

Whatever kind of hosting you are doing, grab a board with a lip. This will help the food stay in one place. Especially if you are going to transport the food, it’s basically a big tray with sides on it, so the food does not slide off.

This post, How to make a Fall Cheese Board, is another fun one!

Tasty Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board

My signature type of hosting is usually with a board like this, unless I’m having just a couple of friends over, and we’re grazing over small appetizers before dinner.

Mini Pie Desserts

How to assemble a pie board

I bought these mini pies at Walmart.

Make a spiced whipped cream and set in the center of the board. You can make the board ahead and leave the space in the middle for the whipped cream. Keep whipped cream in fridge until ready to serve!

Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board - whipped cream

Place the mini pies around the whipped cream.

Fill in the blank areas with sliced apples and grapes.

Who’s coming to your house for dessert this week?

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Happy hosting, friends!

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Get the Recipe:

Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board

Prep Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Yield: 24



  • 6 mini pumpkin pies
  • 6 mini sweet potato pies
  • 6 mini apple pies
  • 6 mini pecan pies
  • Apple slices
  • Grape clusters
  • Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies
  • Fill in with pecan halves


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp cloves


  • Making on a 24-inch board (with a lip), in the center, place a large bowl of fresh spiced whipped cream.
  • Arrange the pies and fruits around the whipped cream.
  • Fill in the open spaces with pecan halves.
  • Optional to sprinkle the whipped cream with cinnamon and sugar.
  • To make the fresh whipped cream, in a medium bowl pour the heavy whipping cream. Using an electric mixer (or stand mixer), beat the cream until barely thick (for about 2-3 minutes). Don’t over-beat the cream.
  • Add the powdered sugar and spices and continue to mix (or you can mix with a large spoon).
  • Serve and enjoy!
Cuisine: American
Course: Dessert
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Fall Mini Pie Dessert Board Recipe

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