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How to Order Essential Oils

 Fall in love with essential oils (here’s my story and how to order essential oils), and share with me how essential oils have changed your life!?

How to Order Essential Oils

Friends, I have an exciting story to share with you today. I’ve come on board with the “essential oils” world, becoming a firm believer of these oils.

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Fall in Love with Essential Oils

When friends have asked me to try oils in the past, I sort of poo-pooed the idea, but this time something inside me said, give it a try.

Read my story, HERE, on how the oils completely changed my sleep habits!

For three months, I truly give the oils credit for my sleeping through the night (like a baby), and for the way my body feels.

Did you know that Peppermint can help wake you up in the morning? Add drops to your diffuser throughout the day, or use them topically! You can rub the oils on your feet, wrists, and neck!

My first combination, now a favorite, is lavender and lemon. I swear it puts me to sleep at night! A sounds sleep!

My favorite daytime oil: Theives!

How to Order Essential Oils

Besides fighting against the bad toxins in our homes, and the benefit to our health, I was excited to join my good friends at Pure & Lovely in the mission to change lives and impact homes for good through Young Living Essential Oils. Once you order your kit with my link, you’ll be invited to join us in the Pure & Lovely private Facebook group for oil education and resources!

To order essential oils, click HERE and read more information why I love Young Living Oils!

How to Order Essential Oils

Why I love Young Living Oils

Here are a few points of why I love Young Living oils and how they could benefit you, if you’re interested in trying them as well.

If you’re interested, you’ll want to purchase a premier starter kit. It offers by far the best value. There are no tricks, no fees, and no commitment!

1) Essential oils support health in incredible ways.

It’s not hype! One drop of an oil contains hundreds of beneficial compounds. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years because they have amazing health benefits that can support your body to do what it was created to do.

Essential oils are the highest concentrated, volatile liquids distilled from plants, containing the natural smell and characteristics of the plant. Oils naturally defend plants from disease, insects, and harsh weather conditions. They are vital for a plant to grow, live, evolve, and adapt to its surroundings and in much the same way, they do amazing things for people.

They help purify the air.

They can support your physical and emotional health and well-being in countless ways.

They support and strengthen the immune and endocrine systems.

They penetrate cell membranes (and the blood brain barrier!) and disperse into our blood and tissues to repair and support as needed. 1 drop contains 40 million trillion molecules that positively affect the body at the cellular level!

2) There are many ways to use essential oils to replace toxic chemical products in your home.

There are so many chemicals in our food and environment, cleaning supplies and cosmetics that our bodies are becoming overloaded by toxins.

You can diffuse essential oils through a diffuser as a replacement for toxic candles and sprays. When you diffuse essential oils, not only do they provide an amazing refreshing aroma but they provide health benefits and mood-lifting support to you and your home.

You can also use them to replace cleaners with more natural options. Young Living has natural cleaners you can buy or you can make your own simple cleaning products with essential oils.

3) Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and a respected wellness company for over 20 years.

Young Living owns their own farms and controls every single aspect of the production line to ensure the highest quality control. Their products are organically grown beyond certified organic standards, they farm on 50 year organic soil and partner with responsible farmers and put the utmost care into quality products. They are committed to quality from “seed to seal”.

4) Young Living offers therapeutic grade essential oils, which means they are 100% derived straight from the plant (only 2% of all essential oils produced in the world are therapeutic grade).

Young Living preserves the oils’ full range (hundreds to thousands) of chemical constituents by using low temperature steam distillation. Essential oils are God-given and work effectively with the body.

Just because an essential oil you find on the market is labeled as pure does not mean it is safe for consumption. Unlike Young Living, many oils on the market today contain fillers to make them smell better and to bring the price down.

5) Young Living’s Vitality essential oil line offers you the freedom to share and explore some of the best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways.

They are perfect for adding flavor and nutritional benefits to your favorite recipes or as dietary supplements.

The Vitality line offers four distinct categories—Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement.

The “Vitality” line of oils offers an FDA label stating that they can be used as a dietary supplement, which means the essential oils can be added to enhance flavor and add additional health benefits to your everyday recipes. Keep the Vitality line on hand to add to your recipes (the shelf life is much longer that fresh or dried herbs).

As you can see, a premium starter kit not only allows you to share the benefits of essential oils with friends and family and earn commissions but you will also be able to purchase these high quality oils at wholesale prices for your family.

Friends, are you interested in experiencing the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your home?

How to Order Essential Oils

How to Order Essential Oils Kit

Again, the best way to start this journey is to become a member by ordering a Premium Starter Kit. There is absolutely NO further commitment and NO FEES at all! It’s wonderful.

When you click this link, choose between “Member” or “Retail.” I definitely recommend choosing “Member” because it offers you wholesale prices and is the only option that allows you to select a premium starter kit (which is the very best way to get started). You will receive 24% off retail pricing on this order and all future orders as long as your membership is current. There are no membership fees and no further obligations to order. When you see the question about the opportunity to confirm a monthly auto-shipment, please feel free to skip past that for now. You can always join the rewards program at a future time.

To be a part of my Young Living community, make sure the number 11139034 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields when you sign up.

  • The Premium Starter Kit. This kit is the easiest and most cost-effective way to begin a wellness journey. A Young Living premium starter kit offers you the absolute best value (wholesale price) on 11 of the most loved oils and a diffuser. You’ll love it! Scroll down this page to see a photo and graphic of what comes in the kit. The member wholesale cost for the kit is $160 (or slightly more depending on the diffuser you choose).

You can find more specific details on the kit (or how to just order a retail product) below, or click this link to order your kit at wholesale prices right now. Make sure the number 11139034 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields so you’ll be in my Pure & Lovely / Young Living support community. I’d be thrilled to help you in any way I can and welcome you!

There are NO fees or obligations to buy more products or to sell oils!

Let me know if I can be of any help. You can email me at


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