21 Years Today …

21 years ago I married my best fried.

My husband was a reluctant entertainer, when we met and married. Now, he actually enjoys company, most of the time. :)

It was a gift he gave to me, that he’d be willing to try and step outside of his comfort zone–do something that made me happy–or as he would say, to share in my bliss.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet wonderful husband, Paulie.

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  1. I’ve been offline.

    Belated good wishes on your anniversary. I hope you had a lovely day and a wee adventure. I heart this photo. Gorgeous.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I just came across your blog and I am in love :-) My husband and I have been married for 2.5 years and have yet to invite anyone other than family into our home. I can rattle off the excuses (not clean enough, small apartment, not enough seating, no time thank to nursing school) but I’ve decided to take the plunge. We’re moving this month and I am determined to invite people into our home this summer! I appreciate all of the great inspiration!

  3. Awesome, Sandy! I just had to pop over from my reader and tell you that I had a very similar veil when I got married in 1988 – complete with the sprays that hang down the sides! (if you want to see it: http://www.anoregoncottage.com/2010/09/twenty-two-years-ago-today.html)

    My 16-year-old daughter laughed herself silly when she saw them…but I just tell her that her day will come. :-)

  4. Wow! You look exactly the same as your wedding day! How do you do that? Big congrats to you both!

  5. You guys look so awesome. Happy Anniversary! AND, it was fabulous to finally meet you this weekend!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Sandy! It’s so great to have a supportive spouse who is sharing in your bliss! :)


  7. Happy Anniversary – it is our 20th anniversary next week :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Congrats to a beautiful bride and handsome groom. May your love continue to grow another 21 and beyond and may God always bless you and yours.

  10. Oh Sandy! Happy Anniversary!!!

    You are such a beautiful bride…and 21 years later you are as pretty today as you were then. What a lovely couple! God bless you both.

    Much Much Love,

  11. Ahh, look at you young newlyweds! Love it. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy anniversary, Sandy!! I’m so happy for you and Paul. Jack and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage in a couple of weeks. The years fly by awfully fast, don’t they? Hope you have a special celebration planned!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 21 beautiful years ♥

  14. Congratulations! Best wishes for many more years together.

  15. Happy Anniversary Sandy! Have a great day of celebration and may you enjoy many more wonderful years of blessings ahead!

  16. Congrats! In this day and age, 20+ is quite an accomplishment. Almost 41 for us!!

  17. Congratulations! And, although it was him who gave you that gift… in return he has been rewarded many times over. Happy Anniversary!

  18. So sweet, Sandy. You are blessed to be in such a wonderful marriage. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

  19. Happy anniversary and wishing you many more wonderful years together!

  20. Happy Anniversary Sandy!!! Beautiful Picture. Enjoy celebrating YOU TWO!!! :-)

  21. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture!

  22. Congratulations!!

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