St. Patrick’s Day 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

This 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert is a delicious dessert for any St. Patrick’s Day dinner party! If you’re looking for easy vegan desserts, gluten free desserts, or dairy free desserts, then this creamy dessert recipe is for you! Wow your guests and garnish with a juicy strawberry on top!

5-Minute Vegan Creamy Coconut Cream Dessert

I love stocking up on ingredients that can go quickly into a scrumptious dessert, especially when my vegan friends are coming for dinner.

Vegan Dessert Recipes

My friend, Syndi, made this 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert for us at a ladies gathering, and served sweet, juicy blackberries on top. Most any fruit would be amazing. But for coconut lovers, this 5-Minute Coconut Cream Dessert is the ultimate. You can also try these Vegan Almond Butter Coconut Cookies!

Entertaining is like a muscle.

Prepping, cooking, cleaning, oh my! It can get crazy before guests arrive for dinner, but the more I entertain, the easier it is. It’s like a muscle–the more you use it, the stronger you get, and the easier it becomes!

You become more proficient, it becomes smoother–just like getting in shape and exercising. After awhile you develop a rhythm, and it takes less effort.

Entertaining more also increases your confidence in your ability to do it.

We all feel better when we believe that we can do something. And with entertaining, you want to do it well.

5-Minute EASY Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

Easy Vegan Dessert: 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

So little tips like, “How to make a vegan dessert quickly” can help any aspiring hostess, right? Especially when it can be made in 5 minutes.

RE is about helping, giving tips, and making entertaining easy. I’ll never say it’s not stressful, but when you have a plan, you can streamline and sometimes go the “easy” route, like with this simple recipe today, then entertaining becomes way more enjoyable.

5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert with shredded coconut

Keep these (2) ingredients stocked.

Next time you need a quick, classy dessert for a dinner party, pull these simple ingredients from your pantry: coconut cream and shredded coconut.

Within 5 minutes, follow the recipe below, and you can have a fantastic dessert ready for your guests.

Delicious 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

Easy Vegan Desserts

Since St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, I pulled my grandmother’s green sundae dishes from the hutch – perfect green for a little ambience, and added a fresh strawberry on top. (Here’s another tip on how to slice the perfect strawberry.)

We love this recipe because it’s great for all diets. If you’re looking for gluten free desserts or easy vegan desserts, and something quick and simple? Five minutes is all you need! ENJOY!

BEST 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

Delicious, creamy vegan dessert. Eat it plain or with fruit on top. For a smoother dessert, finely pulse the coconut into smaller pieces.


  • 2 (14 ounce) cans of whole organic coconut cream
  • 2 cups of organic shredded coconut
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 4 T. coconut sugar


  1. Mix together in a large bowl. Scoop into dessert cups or dishes; serve with fresh fruit on top.
  2. Sprinkle nuts on top (optional).
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More vegan desserts: Baked Caramel Cinnamon Bananas Recipe (use Vegan chips) [RE], Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies [Texas Erin], Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie [Texas Erin].

The BEST 5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Dessert

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  1. For my Book Club, I always serve dessert and champagne (or proseco). Sometimes I have time that day to whip up something special that takes lots of time. But more often than not, I need something special that can be made quickly. Pinning this to try! PS ~ Love those dishes. What a treasure.

  2. I love coconut cream, this is my kind of dessert all the way! Love the look and I am sure taste of this!

  3. These look so great, Sandy! Love that they’re also vegan!

  4. Yum, yum, yum! These look awesome, Sandy! Pinned!

  5. Love this! What a great idea. And you are so right-entertaining is like a muscle. I’m going to high five myself for exercising next time I’m frantically trying to clean my house and cook/not burn myself 5 minutes before guests arrive :)

  6. These look absolutely marvelous! great job. You take a nice picture, too.

  7. I am actually going to try this, because there is No way this dessert
    could be this simple and truly taste good. You know sometimes it is
    very very nice to be wrong. I sure hope this is one of those cases.

  8. What size cans of coconut cream? Looks great!

  9. What size cans?? Also what is coconut sugar?

  10. What is the nutritional information on this dessert?

  11. Do you think this cream could be a layer in a baked dessert? (Bottom crust, this layer, some apples and then a topping?)

  12. This looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe on the blog with everyone.

  13. SUPER easy and delicious! I refrigerated the coconut cream and whipped it with a hand mixer, then blended in the remaining ingredients. Soooo good. Had to make one minor adjustment: used maple syrup instead of coconut sugar. We loved it without the berries, even. I see this in our weekly dessert rotation!

  14. I made this and it was very runny. It tasted delicious but was pourable instead of scoopable. Any suggestions?

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