A Delicious Sign of Spring: Getting Strawberries in the Ground!

Do you know how much I {heart} strawberries? A lot!

Every year I get emails asking what kind of strawberries we plant in our beds. And I never remember, except that they are “everbearing.”

I don’t know what gardening zone you are in, but on the West Coast, now is the time to get the berries in the ground.

Oh, the bed so ugly and barren last week …

But how beautiful it will become….

Just this past weekend, we bought 10 plants at Home Depot. Very reasonable, too.

Follow what I did last year, by pulling out the weeds and replacing with the new plant.

A delicious sign of spring to me is when we can get our berries in the ground.

Have you thought of growing strawberries this year? If so, what month will you plant them?

Here’s an awesome article that my friend Lael wrote over at the Huff Post! Strawberry Fields Forever

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  2. i love strawberries like you

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  4. Last year we moved into a new home. To our surprise while cutting back the over growth, we found strawberries. Well at that time of the year we found the plants. This year we stare eagerly at these wonderful plants waiting for the flowers…two flowers and counting.

    Can’t wait! We also found a wonderful black berry bush as well. Lovely surprises.

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  6. I love home grown strawberries!! I planted five and in six years, they’ve spread to a patch sizeable enough that I have plenty to freeze. Commericially grown strawberries have been so, so, so genetically modified that they taste like plastic. They arent’ even red – they’re pink with white centers. Wha??? Homegrown ones tend to be smaller – but boy do they pack a flavor punch. Even opening up a container of frozen berries, the smell alone is intense – even frozen!! In Wisconsin here we have to wait until May for our spring. Boo! I always take a picture of the first strawberry of the season. You’re right – strawberries do say “Spring!”

  7. All of us in our family love strawberries! Especially, my 5 year old daughter! How wonderful to plant your own beds of strawberries! The pictures are beautiful.

  8. I probably won’t be planting my own berries this year. We are surrounded on every side of our acreage with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries so there is plenty of berries shared by our neighbors. I do agree though . ..fresh berries this time of year speak of spring. .especially when you see fresh growth peeking through the damp earth.
    I’ll be making mini pavlovas over the weekend for a pastor appreciation dinner. . .and hoping the strawberries in the store from Californina are just wonderful.

  9. Thanks for letting us know when to do this! I so want to do strawberries, lettuce, zucchini, and maybe some tomatoes! Very ambitious since we don’t have any beds yet! Better get started! Keep us updated on all the things you plant an when, K? Cause I’m clueless and seriously have a black thumb! Your book inspired me..again…to plant! Not as ambitious as you and clearly not as ambitious as Grandma Dubs, but it is still fun.

    When we lived up north our neighborhood had a wooded common area where we made beds for each family and someone even carved and stained signs with each family’s name on them. It was such a blast and such a great learning experience for my kiddos. Even the bunnies made their home in our garden one year.

  10. You’re so lucky to be in spring planting season already! We’re at least a month away, but are enjoying some excellent teaser weather now… I’ll take it, for sure.

  11. I also love strawberries. I’m lucky to live by Watsonville Califfornia, a place where they plant tons of strawberries and I can get them all for very cheap. It makes not having a garden bearable.

  12. i’ve been longing to get my hands in the dirt. We have a small yard, but my strawberry pot provides my grands with sweet little back yard treats.

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  14. here in the so cal desert our ground is ugly hard clay – so i’m thinking of putting a few in a pot – not a “strawberry pot” just a regular pot..and can see how they grow – what’s NOT to like about them – but i had a friend who was so allergic to them she couldn’t go into a grocery store when they were in season.. thanks for the post from Lael ..can’t wait to read it.

  15. I love strawberries and would love to grow some….I’m going a bit crazy though with our deer so I’m hesitant to plant anything until I can protect it from these creatures that insist on invading my yard

  16. Oh *le sigh*… Spring and strawberries sounds simply divine right about now! I’m so jealous that you can begin your gardening! In my neck of the woods we can’t even thing about it until May!

    Happy Gardening love!

  17. Oh! Does this have me aching for Spring!!! Thanks for reminding us that sunny skies and sweet berries are right around the corner! For us (on the East Coast) our first crop to go in are Snow Peas, and that happens in less than a month! Woohoo!!!

  18. Oh do I like Strawberries! : D haha. I leave the strawberry growing up to the local farmer, but we do go pick them ourselves. My green thumb is very limiited. Happy planting!!

  19. We have had strawberries for the last few years…love them! Except that the kids usually beat us to them once they’re ripe, and sometimes even when they’re not! We can’t quite get things in the ground right now, we’re still getting snow on our side of the mountain. Maybe in May? We’re hoping so!

  20. Back when we first got married, my husband began dreaming aloud about what he’d like to do after flying for the USAF- you know, when he grows up. :) He thought being a farmer would be right up his alley until he actually stepped foot on a farm and began to see how much work it was. You’re such an inspiration, Sandy, that I think that we may have to try our hand at some gardening when we get our own home again!

  21. I have never had more than one plant…think I will dedicate a bed to strawberries this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. We have a favorite local pick-your-own farm that we visit each year. It would be nice to have them right outside my door though…hmmm. Will have to think about how green my thumb is!

  23. We love strawberries! During our move we brought over some left over plants that were in the green house and 2 strawberry plants were in that mix and since we moved (2 months ago) we completely ignored them and they have thrived and actually have strawberries growing. LOL! I’m like, we need to find out what kind those were because they are die hard strawberries.
    Have a good one Sandy.

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