Appreciating what you’ve been given.

Approaching each day with an attitude of gratitude.

Especially this time of year when we’re harvesting our garden, getting back into the swing of a busy schedule. I’m appreciating the cooler mornings and nights. The natural light that’s taking on a golden glow.

Inside, my heart says thank you for so much.

I’m thankful for gifts and cards that come in the mail.

Hostess gifts given when we’ve entertaining.

A small gift goes a long way.

A simple {heirloom} tomato brings joy to my heart.

Home-raised honey is devoured by my children.

A loaf of bread says nourishment and love.

A home-canned jar says “special.” (My favorite gift to give along with a package of IKEA dinner napkins.)

Trying new foods, breads, jellies.

A fresh new towel brightens the kitchen.

A thank you card signed by 14 guests!

I appreciate the effort of my friend who gathered the teenagers who enjoyed a meal in our home, then had them all write a note of thanks afterward. May their lives be changed and cued to appreciating and thanking others for what they’ve been given.

It’s nice to say “thank you.”

It’s nice to be thanked.

It does something inside of us when we learn to appreciate.

Less about us. More about others.


What’s a simple “thank you” that you really appreciate receiving, or giving?

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