Big Boards for Families by Sandy Coughlin is a cookbook with healthy, wholesome boards and recipes that bring everyone around the table.

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Friends, today is BOOK LAUNCH DAY!

Book Launch Day: Big Boards for Families Cookbook

I want to thank all my friends, family, readers, and subscribers here for your love and support in buying Big Boards for Families!

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We hosted a party in downtown Bend at our friend’s lovely store, Lark Mountain Modern, a couple weeks ago. What a joy it was to meet new friends in Bend, Oregon. I was blessed to be able to sign a LOT of books.

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Abby and I celebrated this event, along with other family members and friends. My daughter, Abby, did an amazing job with the photography in this book! I’m so proud of her.

holidng a giant copy of Big Boards for Families

Signed book bundle at House of Hyacinth

Also, did you know that you can buy the board ad book together in a bundle? This is perfect for gift-giving and Christmas!

Grab the info here for the SIGNED BOOK BUNDLE.

How can you help with the book launch?

Here’s a tip that would really help the sale of this book. Would you be willing to write a quick review on Amazon for me? I would be forever grateful. This really does help an author!

Order book here and write a review!

Big Boards for Families Cookbook

Big Boards for Families Cookbook

Next, spread the word 1. Buy books for gifts this holiday season. 2. Get a book (and a board?) for a young mom who wants to have fun with her family. 3. A board and book makes a lovely holiday gift set, and also a great bridal shower gift or birthday present. Did you know that you can buy the “bundle” for gift-giving?

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Remember you don’t have to have a board to make the recipes. Enjoy this book as a regular cookbook! And again, Friends, thank you for your love and support. [I took a quick screenshot of my book being #1 in party cooking on Amazon.]

Big Boards for Families on Amazon I’d also love to hear from you if you are enjoying “My Favorite 20+ Things” that is going out weekly? Would you rather see this bi-monthly, or is weekly good? Please send me back a quick reply of what you’d like to see in my emails that go out to subscribers. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, do so!

Happy Book Launch Day!

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