When I signed up to help out with a Mexican meal for our kids’ teachers at school, I knew exactly what I’d be bringing: My Texas Caviar Dip (recipe in my book). One of the moms at the school organized this meal and we got to sign up for what we wanted to bring.

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I really appreciate the moms who take on the role of organizing!

I quadrupled the recipe, made it up the night before (better flavor), added in a few avocados – and it was ready to go.

I try to stock up on big bowls when I can find them, at discount stores or even yard sales.

These two bowls were reasonably priced – $2.98.

The larger, the better, and perfect for chips.

As I always say, hospitality can take place many different ways.

At the end of the day, the bowls were completely empty when the kids brought them home – which is a good sign, right? :)

When there’s a food need at school or church, are you the organizer or do you just sign up?