Day 15. Laughter. Makes a Home.


We call it roasting. Telling stories, recalling memories, in funny yet loving ways.

It makes a home. It makes us cry. It makes us happy inside.

The beginning of this autumn season I’m enjoying the sounds of happy kids.

But not for long.


In 5 days.

Autumn brings beautiful colors, weather, a supernatural feeling that’s hard to describe.

But I know what’s coming next.


I’m glad we will have one chicklet left in the home.

The laughter will not cease, it will just be less.


Does Autumn bring less laughter to your home or more?

Catch up on my first 14 Days, HERE. :) The above “pillow” link is found, HERE.

8 comments on “Day 15. Laughter. Makes a Home.”

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  2. How beautiful! I don’t like fall, it’s a prelude to a three cold and grey months. If you ask me, I like February better than October… Sigh.. I just have to find something to occupy myself during the winter…
    As of laughter, yes, it makes home the home. And it helps to survive the winter… :)

  3. So sweet!! I’ve been behind on blog reading…well, consumed by unpacking and trying to get settled. It doesn’t seem that long ago I started reading your blog and I was waiting for our things to arrive in Ukraine! I think we’re over the most stressful moments of the move and hopefully we’ll hear a lot more laughter in this house as we make it home!

  4. I hve a few years before that college thing….I can’t even imagine…eeks!

  5. Autumn brings much laughter and peace to my home. I love this time of year! Your children are beautiful!!

  6. This post warms my heart. Love your kids!!

  7. beautiful…..I love fall so much. This warmed my heart this am. I have an only child who is 8 and I just shudder to think ahead at her leaving us to start her own journey, however, I am preparing my child for that path of independence and there is comfort in that as well. What beautiful children you have, and b/c your home is so full of love, they will always want to come back. :)

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