Cambozola Cheese and Crackers Recipe


Today I’m sharing a yummy Cambozola Cheese and Crackers Recipe, that I served this past weekend for out-of-town guests. An easy combination, and only takes a minute to prepare!

I can’t help but think back to this weekend when my roommates from the 80’s came from Washington and California, to stay with our family. We gave up our master bedroom, like we usually do for families who come, and everyone got creative with sleeping arrangements. Our son out in his dad’s office, daughter in the pop-up WV Westfalia camper in the driveway, A/C on non-stop (100 degree heat), and we stayed up ’til midnight every night.

It’s just what you do when you reconnect with old friends.

Part of our celebration was turning 50 together!

50 chalkboard

We went to see Amy Grant at the Britt Festivals (yes, what a treat that we got to meet her!)

With Amy Grant

Ate lots of good food.

Talked and talked.

Laid in the pool.

Hydrangea Tabletop | Reluctant Entertainer

We set the table, using my Ball blue canning jars.

Beautiful hydrangeas (thank you, Trader Joe’s).

MacKenzie-Child chargers.

MacKenzie-Child chargers

Oh, and did I say we ate good food?

Hospitality usually involves some kind of good food.

I made an easy appetizer of rice crackers with a Cambozola cheese and fresh chopped rosemary. Then drizzled honey over the crackers.

Nice little bites, not too blue-cheesey, but mellow, buttery, and with a punch.

Cracker and Cheese Recipe

Cambozola Cheese and Crackers Recipe
Sea Salt Brown Rice Crackers
Cambozola Cheese, softened
Rosemary, finely chopped

Here are some things I’ve learned about hospitality when it comes to out-of-town guests:
-You think of others before yourself.
-Being organized and planning ahead (like cleaning your house, having beds made, bathrooms cleaned, menus planned) makes it easier.
-You have to think outside the box for your family’s needs.
-It’s good to think of warm touches, like a small gift on their bed, their own set of fresh towels, fresh flowers in the house, little bites of chocolate.
-If kids are coming, do you have things for them to do?

What are some tips that you’ve learned to be helpful with out-of-town guests?

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  2. Lovely post, m’lady! Yes, placing the needs of others (guests and children) comes first. Your children will learn by your example. Well, happy birthday! (Ha! You’re older than me. But, you don’t look a day over 29.) Glad you had fun with the girls and had the chance to meet Amy! The ’80s rule. :) xo

  3. To leave out bottles of water and other snacks in the room so they wont feel like they are intruding by going to the ktichen if they are hungry at any point. And having the wi-fi code available.

  4. Love everything about this post! Your weekend sounded so special. And these cheesy crackers look perfect!

  5. crackers would have tasted heavenly enriched with friendship, a must try cracker topping for all cheese lovers :-)

  6. I enjoy setting out two pretty baskets in our guest room: one is filled with bottled waters, granola bars, gum, mints and chocolates. The other contains travel size or hotel shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, disposable razor, band-aids, shower cap, sewing kit, etc. You never know what your special guests might need!

  7. Just beautiful!!! Glad you had a great time!!!

  8. Out of town guests are a perfect time for me to hit some of our local specialty grocers. Trader Joe’s has amazing frozen croissants. You just set them out the night before, they rise overnight, then bake them in the morning. The house smells amazing. Server with flavored butter and jam. Yum.. I also like to put on some jazzy music in the morning to start the day off kind of hip!

  9. Sandy: Thank you for reuniting our family! Our time with you was a blessing…I am grateful to God. I love this post and shall cherish our time with you always.

  10. Don’t you just love Amy? She and her hubby stayed with us for two days when they came to Europe many years ago. We enjoyed them so much. She was so sweet and down-to-earth!
    As far as company: I try to think way ahead. I like to keep dry mixes made up to eliminate as many dishes as possible, but still enjoying fresh made food without the dishes, muss and fuss. I have found that when you are visiting with old friends, it is super easy to loose track while measuring…so, doing as much ahead of time is great. I like to have fruits and veggies washed up, but I leave the chopping and slicing for them to help with. Also, I keep meat marinated in the freezer as it is easy to grab out. Keeping it simple so we can be out and about on adventure/field trips!! :}

  11. I try to do everything possible to have something for them to eat or drink (or both) when they get to our house. Even if they’re not starving, having something to snack on always lends to feeling comfortable ;)

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