Camellia Blossoms for a Loaf of Zucchini Bread Hospitality

Camellia Blossom |

I’m a big fan of breaking some rules. Like knocking on your neighbor’s door late at night with a warm loaf of zucchini bread in one hand, and a pair of scissors in the other. :)

It’s not something a normal person does, making your neighbor come to the door in jammies and slippers after 8 pm.

But when I see their eyes staring into my hands, wide and curious, catching the aroma of the warm gift – then everything seems okay.

Zucchini Bread

Here’s a loaf of warm zucchini bread, I say.

Oh, and do you mind if I snip a few of your camellia buds while I’m here?

The door closes. I feel a sense of relief. They liked my warm bread. YAY!

And I get some fresh flowers for my house.

Camellia Blossom |

The camellia bush at their front door is more than stunning. It’s gigantic and awesome!

I snip a few blossoms and place in a basket. And then I run home. I feel like a happy young girl.

Home to put the buds in a low-line vase and to enjoy throughout my home.

Camellia Blossom |

And to enjoy in my office space.

Camellia Blossom |

Beautiful blossoms are here one day and then gone the next. So I figure, it doesn’t hurt to ask!?

It’s a win win. Hospitality and happiness.

It’s the hospitality of sharing a warm loaf of zucchini bread in exchange for a little bit of happiness.

Old Zucchini Bread recipe

By the way, I recently found this recipe that my Mom typed up years ago.

Mom and DiI love her handwritten notes.

There’s still a little pang in my heart when I see Mom’s handwriting, because it makes me miss her to this day!

I love how she wrote who it’s from (my sister, Di) and then … Excellent!

Oops, Mom, you mis-spelled “raisens” ha-ha.

Here’s a picture of my lovely mother and sister, Di, perfect for the week of Mother’s Day!

Do you have an heirloom recipe that you’ve pulled out of the archives this week to enjoy for Mother’s Day?

11 comments on “Camellia Blossoms for a Loaf of Zucchini Bread Hospitality”

  1. This post is so touching Sandy, I love seeing your mom’s recipe. My mom has a box of recipes that I remember always looking through as a young girl. Over the holidays a couple of years ago we pulled out a Rum Balls recipe from a dear friend of ours who passed many many years ago. Those are very special recipes!

  2. I love every bit of this post – Thanks Sandy!

  3. So sweet…I too love seeing my mom’s (and grandma’s and aunt’s) handwriting…it’s so comforting.

  4. Hahaha, you crack me up. Great deal though! You can come over here with some fresh bread any day and I will let you cut some goodies from the garden. :)

  5. I LOVE old recipe cards…what a blessing to see your mom’s notes and handwriting while you can share and enjoy a recipe from her!

  6. You smart girl. :) Zucchini bread is delicious and I bet your neighbors were happy to share. We still pull out the old recipes all the time. There’s nothing better.

  7. This sounds amazing! Zucchini bread or banana bread are my favorites for sharing with people. Everyone loves them!@

  8. love this post, Sandy –

    you look like your mom !

  9. Sandy, I always enjoy your posts that include memories of your mother. I, too, love seeing my mother’s handwriting and it always fills me with mixed emotions. Lovely blog post.

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