Reluctant Entertainer

31-Days Series

Warm Connections {Day 14}: Learning to Give to Those in Need

31 Days of Warm Connections

Day 31. Stress-Free Entertaining: A Grace-Filled Ending!

Day 30. The Dinner is Over: “Come Back When You Can’t Stay as Long!”

Day 29. During or After the Party: Who Cleans Up?

Day 28. Sit Back: Enjoy and Relax

Day 27. The Conversation: Sweet and Savory!

Day 26. Serve the Food: Learn to be Creative!

Day 25. Greet at the Door: Smile Even if You Do Not Feel Like It!

Day 24. Getting Yourself Ready: Don’t Look Frumpy!

Day 23. Prepping in the Kitchen: Planning Ahead

Day 22. KISS: Setting the Table

Day 21. Cancelations: They Will Happen!

Day 20. The Day of the Party: Don’t Hate This Day!

Day 19. Scope out the House: Are You Over-the-Top?

Day 18. Pantries and Aprons: Organized and Useful – RE Book and Apron GIVEAWAY!

Day 17. Shop: Farmer’s Market

Day 15. Last Minute: Paper Napkins Work!

Day 14. Flowers or Weeds: Lovely Work of Art!

Day 13. My Ten Commandments: Print, Use, Share, Love!

Day 11. Stress-Free Entertaining: Forget it! We Have Kids!

Day 10. Space: Even a Cardboard Table Will Work

Day 9. The Menu: What’s in Season & Bush’s Beans Peach Pear Salsa

Day 8. The Menu: 3×5 Card System