Warm Connections {Day 14}: Learning to Give to Those in Need

My friend reached out and asked if I’d come to the Gospel Mission with her to serve the men. At first I was reluctant to give 3 hours of my time, but I’m glad I said yes. I have to admit I can be overprotective of my time. The “B” word pops up almost daily in my life.

I’m just too busy.

Michelle is a bigger-than-life person who connects with everyone, no matter the circumstances. She’s not hesitant to dive in and serve, and the lesson I learned on this day was very simple.

Learning to give to those in need starts with your heart. Be willing to do something for someone else.

Learning to give to those in need involves willing hands. Be willing to give of your time, even when you don’t think you have the time.

Learning to give to those in need requires humility. Be willing to see others as God would see them.

I made myself look into the eyes of these men coming through the line for their food, just like Michelle did. Some men came with their families, some came alone, some came through the line with their friend by their side. Some made eye contact, others looked down.

It was about making others feel comfortable in a not-so-comfortable situation, about asking a simple question, How are you today? By filling the plates with nourishment and love.

I need to think more about contribution and less about my comfort.

Warmer connections come when we stop and give of our time, hearts, and hands.

Do you struggle with the “busy” word like I do?

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8 comments on “Warm Connections {Day 14}: Learning to Give to Those in Need”

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  2. Not long ago our pastor gave a sermon on cutting wide margins – being generous not just with our money but with all aspects of our lives. I must confess time is one area where my margins aren’t very wide. Oh how I pray He molds me into one whose heart is tender toward the needs of others and is willing to drop everything to help.

  3. Beautiful. I used to serve food at rescue missions a lot, when I was younger, and it’s something I’d love to do again. I’d heard about the Gospel Mission, and I’d love to go serve — trying to work up the courage to go by myself. If you go back and want company, let me know… I’m so there. :)

  4. Oh my gosh Sandy…….. why are you talking to ME!!!! My best friend became the Executive Director of the Mission here in Redding, last January , yep 10 months ago…. and I have yet to go there. Because yep you guessed it I am just TOO busy…..

    Just want you to know that your blog does more than educate all of us in hospitality and recipes. You preach a sermon and do not even know it. THANK YOU for letting GOD use you and your words…..

    I will be calling Cesar this week end….

    Blessings to you and yours

    Curtis & Sherrie

  5. Being busy is almost like a badge of honor in our society these days, and complaining about being busy is just the way we let everyone know how sought after is our valuable time. I try not to speak of it because in most cases I choose to fill my plate…I can take less or share with others. I believe that we can always find time for the things we deem important, and I ask what can be more important than giving to those most in need? Not writing out a check, or dropping off supplies, but showing up and smiling into their faces.

  6. Sandy, this is SUCH a great post. What a great way that God’s using you and your site to speak such truth. I am in a very busy season. And just recently have I begun to undo that. Finding myself so busy with worldly commitments left me with no time for eternal commitments. I’ve begun to pull out of the things I can. And will not sign up for anything until I’ve truly prayed it through to make certain it’s doable and worthy of what it will take from something else. I love your post and the point that there are so many things we can do {big and small} that have such great eternal value…. but we miss out on those opportunities because we are so burdened by the busyness of life that we get into. I’m so happy for you to have experienced this time serving these men…. and then serving your readers with this great reminder. {hugs Friend}

  7. I heard a sermon the other day. B.U.S.Y. B-being U-under S-satans’ Y-yoke. It’s his most powerful weapon against us here in America. Keeping us distracted with things so that we “don’t have time” for God. I used to be B.U.S.Y. and then God (THANKFULLY!!) worked things out so that I had no other choice but learn how to rest. What a VALUABLE lesson!! I have confidence that I will never go back to that stressed out junk of stuff again. :-D

  8. I love this post. It’s so true. The hardest part for me is always that second part, saying “yes” instead of feeling like I don’t have the time. When I do give of myself, it is always full of joy and very rewarding… not a burden at all. I’ve been blessed with a few opportunities to do that lately, helping a friend who had foot surgery and bringing snacks and soup to a family who are in the process of moving. Stayed up way too late Wednesday night cooking, but it was totally worth it!

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