Warm Connections {Day 15}: Enjoying Everyday Sounds

So much awaits for us when we unplug or just listen to the everyday sounds.

Today’s my baby’s 15th birthday! Yesterday my friends and I took a group of girls up to a beautiful place in the mountains for a night of celebration. (Happy Birthday, Abby!)

And we unplugged.

The sound of a house full of girls was wonderful.

We talked about Abby’s birth.

We even reminisced about their sizes at birth.

Ate good food.

Birthday dessert.

In the morning we opened the windows.

And we listened.

Warm connections come when we’re with people we love and we stop and listen.

Ways to feel what’s around you:
– Stop and listen to music around you, in the store, on the street, even in the car.
– Take time to listen to the morning or nighttime sounds.
– Listen to the sounds in a park or playground.
– Shut your eyes and listen to the sounds in a restaurant.

Warm connections come when we share the beauty, take it to heart, and drink in the everyday sounds.

When’s the last time you quieted yourself to stop and listen?

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11 comments on “Warm Connections {Day 15}: Enjoying Everyday Sounds”

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  4. listening right now, planning on concentrating on this tomorrow with my littles. such a lovely reminder. thank.you.

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  6. Happy belated birthday Abby! What a great way to spend it, with good friends and good food.

  7. For three hours today, I listened for the crack of a bat. I really listened – it was hot, and beautiful, and such a gift of summer on a fall day.

    Thankfully, I heard that joyous sound, over and over again!

    Thanks, my friend, for stopping by. I’ve been in vapor lock all summer, but finally coming out and up to my ankles, and soon to be knees, in a manuscript.

    I may not be commenting as often, but I’m always reading! And referring. Your roasted strawberry crostini has made me downright FAMOUS! One of my favorite tastes of summer…

  8. I love the idea of going to the mountains for a sleep over with their friends! I’m going to have to keep that one in my head….we have a mountain cabin we like to rent and that would be really fun with either of the kids when they get older! I like how you unplugged, too! Fantastic!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  9. Like Aggie I find myself guarding the quiet on those rare occasions when I am alone at home, enjoying the sounds of nature around me. My favorite time time be silent is in church. Sometimes partway through a song or hymn I stop singing, close my eyes and enjoy the sound of the children of God praising their Father. It is a foretaste of heaven!

  10. Happy birthday sweet Abby!

    I love this post…when the kids are at school I find myself in complete quiet at home. No tv, no radio…I love when the pool fountains turn on, the sound of water is instantly soothing. It’s nice to enjoy the quiet and listen … have to make sure I do it more.

  11. Congratulations to your daughter. And you are so right about listening to the everyday sounds – the birds chirping at the feeder, the wind in the trees and the sound of horse drawn buggies coming down the street (we live in Amish country, so it’s a daily occurence – love, love, love it).

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