Charm the Kitchen Sill: Add a Touch of YOU!

There are many ways to charm your kitchen with fresh flowers, but one particular area that makes me happy is my window sill. It’s a simple, low-profile area, right before me as I do dishes daily, and it cries out for something bright and cheery. Because I adore Emily, and her passion for simplicity, check out this post on Remodeling This Life, from last Fall.

Some people put plants, hand soap, figurines in their window sills. Other ideas are to plant bulbs, snip some fresh herbs (my love = rosemary), candles, cactus plants or even starts of seedlings.

In this month of January, when we often need a bit of cheer, what charms your kitchen window?

25 comments on “Charm the Kitchen Sill: Add a Touch of YOU!”

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  3. There’s nothing like pretty vibrant colours to dress up the kitchen cheer I agree.

  4. I’ve never heard of charming a kitchen before…but I love it. Thanks
    Happy Day

  5. I have a little plant, an iron candle holder that I painted white, and my daughter’s cute teapot and mug. We have a huge window above our sink and it is fun to have a little personality there! :)

    looking forward to seeing you at blissdom!! xo

  6. I don’t have a windowsill at the moment in my kitchen but look forward to having one in our next phase.

  7. I don’t have a window sill in my kitchen… :( I so much hope to have a kitchen window that overlooks a garden one day :) Right now, I make do with my tiny apartment.

  8. I have my favorite blue and white china teapot in the window sill, and a fake plant. I wish it was real! My dream is to have my own little herb garden there; the window sill is quite wide. I think having fresh herbs on hand would be wonderful!

  9. I don’t have a kitchen window with my open layout but I do have lots of light from windows in surrounding rooms. My sink is connected to a raised counter top that is always a catchall as we come in the back door. I love the idea of lining up blooms in jelly jars there for a bit of beauty and a reminder not to dump things there. Beautiful photos!

  10. I have a beautiful red toile bird flanked by two small jar candles with “jam toppers” made by a lady that has a local shop. It is very simple yet the touch of red makes me so happy.

  11. The timing on your post is wonderful!
    I was just gazing out my kitchen windowsill at all the
    snow and letting the sun shine on my face (my window faces south).
    Everything sparkles in the sun’s rays.

    I have currently; several green pears ripening, a simple,white
    farmhouse pitcher from Crate & Barrel, a slender bottle
    filled with a beautiful, spiced oil and a hens-and-chicks
    plant spilling from a wine goblet.

    What I love most is the scrabble ledger I place in front of
    it all. It reads: “BE HERE”.
    It is a tangible reminder what I wish to emulate in 2011:
    to soak in the moment I have with my precious husband and
    children. Life is a vapor. I must deeply breathe.

    Malinda @

  12. I don’t really have a kitchen sill but I love to change up my towels:)

    sandy toe

  13. My windowsill is pretty shallow so I don’t have much space to put anything on it. Last spring/summer I had basil and parsley in narrow vases there, and it smelled great. But I think that’s the best I can do!

  14. Well this time of year and all year we have a bird feeder hanging right outside the kitchen window. So although we don’t anything on our sill, we do stand at the window and watch the birds, they are so fascinating, and antimated, we literally could stand there all day!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  15. Right now, I have tiny jars of sea glass, a half clamshell filled with shiny acorns from our trip to Florida, and (my favorite) a flower vase filled with the colorful letter magnets that my son used to play with on the refrigerator. I love having that reminder of his younger days!

  16. thanks girl! xoxo

    my sill right now has my seedlings in starter pots and a sign that says “The Simple Life”

    both remind me how big small things are.

  17. Oh you are so right! I love this idea! I’m on the lookout for some spring cheerfulness to put on my sill when I’m next at the store!

  18. I am blessed. I have a really teeny, tiny house, but my kitchen sink is catty corner, with a large raised counter above the sink, with corner windows, and a large window in the most inconvenient spot. I don’t have flowers. I have herbs. I grow basil, thyme, oregano, cilantro and flat leaf parsley year round. WOW, you should see my basil (sweet basil, lemon basil and purple basil) and parsley…..They almost take over, in their little pots. Chives, for some reason, don’t do so well in my window pots. Can you tell I love Basil?
    I love to cook and I love fresh herbs. I’m also on a limited budget, and decided I could not justify $3.99 for 1/4 oz. of fresh? herbs in a packet. Therefore….the mother of necessity took over.
    It makes my soul happy to see my little herb garden every time I stumble into the kitchen.
    I will patiently wait for spring and summer for flowers. My teeny tiny yard is lovely then.

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  20. I love the pop of happy color that plants and flowers add to my window sill. It makes cleaning the kitchen a little easier somehow.

  21. Just yesterday I removed the last Christmas teapot from the sill, replaced it with my pink depression glass pitcher, and then dressed the top level of my two-tier stand with a pretty pink rosy plate, a floating candle in another pink dish, and three tiny swan figures. . . sweet and sparkly. Made me want to get on to the “pinking” of the house(as my youngest daughter calls it)for Valentine’s Day. :)

  22. I don’t have the “window sill” – i have the counter that overlooks the family room. And it collects matchbox cars, hammers, paint cans, homework, you name it. Every night i clear it off and in 24 hours it’s back to where it was. But that’s ok. It’s a reminder that i have loved ones here and that’s perfect.

  23. Right now on my window sill I have a little plaque that very simply says “Trust in the LORD.” I love that little reminder. However, some flowers would surely brighten my little sink area.

    BTW – just stumbled upon your blog recently. Love it! Thanks!

  24. Would you believe that for the first time in 15 years, I don’t have a window in my kitchen? Nope. In the new hacienda the kitchen kind of rests in the middle of the house. Which is actually great for entertaining, but sadly I have no sill to rest pretty flowers on.

  25. This time of year I do have a live plant (small fern like) in one corner of my window sill…I still have some white lights and greenery…makes the whole kitchen feel warm in the morning and evening….and a “snow” type figure in the middle. Also, tucked inside I have a digital thermometer telling me the temperature inside,but more importantly outside. I love my kitchen window sill. I’m not sure about flowers for this time of year on my window sill as it is a bit cooler there than say…on the kitchen table.

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