Easter is one of the holidays for which I love to decorate the table.

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The colors are fantastic, if choosing the pastels or even the bright vibrants colors of spring.

Last year I chose a unique vase.

Using red tulips and white roses and a little bit of greenery from the garden.

You really can’t get any simpler than that.

I was looking through some books for inspiration (do you ever do that?) and to be honest, it was a bit discouraging. Books have beautiful dinner parties with elaborate centerpieces. But I always wonder what the table would look like once the centerpiece was removed. (Naked.)

And wouldn’t the centerpiece need to be removed in order to talk to your guests across the table?

I love the simplicity of a small, low-line centerpiece, candles, and a wide open space where people feel like they have enough room to stretch out and look across the table and converse.

What size centerpiece do you prefer, and do you remove it from the table as your guests are seated?