Spring is bursting all over in our front and back yards. Buds and blossoms are peeking through, the sun has been shining so brightly the past few days here in Oregon, and I’d say we for sure have a tad bit of Spring Fever.

I haven’t started planting flowers in pots yet, but one thing I’ve done is spruce up the front entry area. Because when guests are coming, the front porch is the first impression they get as they walk up to your front door.

I’m not saying it has to be perfect. Ours is far from that. We know the paint is chipping on our front door and it will be a BIG project this year to remove, sand, and repaint (actually a dreaded chore).

But there are other ways to spruce up areas, including making sure it’s clean, and there’s something fresh and eye-catching!

And because we’re usually harder on ourselves, I find our guests are gracious and never seem to see the little things that we see.

I’m thankful for that.


How to get started …

-Find a basket, container, or vessel that you can put branches, fresh flowers, or even pussy willows in.

-Purchase several bunches of daffodils at the local grocery store (inexpensive).

-Buy as buds, put them in a water glass, and set them aside until they start to bloom.


I love fresh flowers at the front door. They’re a symbol that spring is coming! They’re a celebration of the first new blooming of nature.


It’s just a feeling of joy, of gratitude and brightness, a way that we can naturally celebrate nature and what’s to come!

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you have a joyous weekend!

What kind of flower have you already begun to celebrate Spring with, either inside or out?