Decorating Green for St. Patty’s Week

Decorating with nature is usually free and beautiful. I love how Pottery Barn says it …

Bold and bright or soft and subtle, beautiful color is what gives a home soul.

Pottery Barn

Since it’s St. Patrick’s week, think of “green” elements of nature that you can bring into your home, to make it fresh and beautiful, and full of soul, just like these pictures from Terra Firma Home.

By the way, green is my favorite color, so I’m loving this week! :)

I took these photos at a very cool design store in Medford, Terra Firma Home.

Inexpensive ideas, yet so fresh!

What’s your favorite way to bring nature’s greens inside?

11 comments on “Decorating Green for St. Patty’s Week”

  1. Happy St Patricks Day from N Ireland.

    I love all the touches of green without going overboard!

  2. BEEEE UTIFUL images! I love green too. Love these great ideas too. Thanks. XO, Pinky

  3. Hey, Sandy, I love fresh greens used this way and all those glass containers we see out there would be a frugal way to do it. I was just looking at the redbud trees all abloom right now, thinking that a branch cut and brought inside sure would be gorgeous! xoxo

  4. The greens marching along with the camels and elephants is inspired. I’m feeling good now.

    I’m sitting a neighbor’s plants, so there is extra green in my house right now. :-D

  5. We always have a good selection of green and flowering plants in our home. I love using greens from our garden to fill out a vase of fresh flowers. I took a walk in our garden today and our plants are popping out due to the early warm weather in the Midwest. Thanks for posting such beautiful photos, they really make my heart sing!

  6. It looks beautiful…I wish spring would hurry and get to Oregon.

  7. What great ideas! I love the third picture. It’s so simple and fresh and is a nice spin on floating candles.

  8. I clipped some branches from my honeysuckle bush and put them in clear glass vases. I have no idea if they’ll bloom, but I love the green leaves anyway. Wonderful post!

  9. Very fun!!! A classy way to green up!!
    I’m sure most of the leaves are from the florist. By chance are your hostas already full? I know your season begins early.

  10. A beautiful, classy way of decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. Love the green everywhere, Sandy.

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