Day 12. Determination. Pays Off.


I admire determination because it usually comes from authenticity.

Being real. Doing what you say you’re going to do. Putting your best foot forward.

Autumn entertaining can be one of the most special times of the year. It’s cooler out, the colors are stunning, everything feels more earthy and real.

It just feels good.

Pull out the ironed napkins.

And get creative.

I saw this idea in a magazine and made it my own.

Take a cupcake pan and fill it with what you need to set a pretty table.

-Salt and Pepper Shakers

Don’t forget the blooms or branches from the yard.

-Tie the stems together.
-Place in a canning jar of water.

An Autumn-pretty table.

Determine to have people over this Autumn.

Invite. Prepare. Cook.

Celebrate the season.

It always pays off.


Have you made any plans to have guests over this month?

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Day 12. Determination. Pays Off.

11 comments on “Day 12. Determination. Pays Off.”

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  2. Genius using the cupcake pan!!

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  4. Hi Sandy, in the week of chaos, created by power outages last week, I’ve missed quite a few posts! Well, I am determined to visit all I missed. :) This setting is so romantic, you know? There is a beauty in it’s simplicity that makes it very close to my heart… I love napkins, it’s happy color makes me smile… :)

  5. Sandy, this is exactly what I was thinking about doing with a HUGE antique muffin tin I picked up…….I love it! I didn’t see it in a magazine…….which one, I’d love to peek. Looks beautiful!

  6. I am having guests over at the end of October & can’t wait! :) Hoping to do it outdoors too, but will see because I live in KANSAS, might be windy never know! I love your website, just great! Inspiring too!

  7. I love the muffin tin tray! I am having people over, but not friends. A family I’ve never met wants to check out the homeschool curriculum we’re using … they are friends of friends, though!

  8. Ok, I’ve totally never thought about using a muffin tin for anything other than muffins and mini foods. Thanks for another fabulous idea!

  9. I love the muffin tin idea! I am hosting a party this Saturday with my BF at her house. We share the menu, so I have lots to cook/prep in the next few days!

  10. Friends are coming over this Saturday. Brisket, twice baked potatoes (brisket cooked last weekend and frozen to reheat, potatoes to be made Friday night and reheated), green beans, a big green salad. Roasted red pepper dip with mini crackers and a baked tomato tart for appetizers. It may be cool enough to have a fire in the fireplace later on – I’m anticipating a rousing game of Cranium.

    By *next* autumn I expect to have the patio set up for entertaining :)

  11. Sandy I love your creative, but very simple ideas that the most in-creative of us (that would be me!) can do! Thanks for your beautiful series.. I always look forward to it!

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