One (more) romantic thing that I love about my husband is that he brings me fresh herbs.

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Yesterday early afternoon, when I was working on this post, I asked my husband if at 3 pm (it was a Sunday when I wrote this), we could start cooking together in the kitchen.

Sunday afternoon seems to be a good time for both of us, and we love the benefit of having the leftovers for the week ahead.

But back to romance.

I love how every time we cook together, Paul brings me a little bouquet of fresh herbs from the garden.

He either lays it on the counter or places it in a cup (not necessarily a vase, but sometimes a canning jar).

And the smell permeates the kitchen.

Beside washing, spinning, drying, and storing herbs in the fridge, this is a fresh way to preserve the herbs for a couple of weeks.

How to showcase fresh herbs on your kitchen counter

1. Snip a large bunch.

2. Bring inside.

3. Put into a vase, jar, or glass and add water.

4. Herbs will last 1-2 weeks.

5. Enjoy the beauty, the aroma, and the taste.

Enough said–I think it’s romantic that he thinks of me. It’s also a beautiful bouquet to display in your kitchen. And it reminds me to snip and use the herbs right then and there. It helps me with my creativity. I think it’s easy to get in a rut with our cooking, and sometimes adding a new herb is the change or the punch that the recipe needs.

So here’s a thanks to my sweetie for always inspiring me. In many ways, but always in the kitchen.

Do you ever use herbs in creative ways?