DIY Homemade Gifts for Her

DIY Autumn Mum |

I love the change of season, and thinking ahead to creative homemade gifts to make for friends whose day you want to brighten, specifically homemade gifts for her. Quite honestly, I think women get into the homemade and men are more cool with store-bought. I could be wrong.

We all want to be thoughtful and gracious, to find the perfect hostess gift or get well gift or “I’m thinking of you,” gift.

DIY Autumn Mum |

This week I bought $2.98 mums for a few friends in mind, and quickly transformed them into fall. I added a leaf, a brown paper bag, and wrote out “FALL” and “AUTUMN” on the bags. One for a thank you to our friends who hosted our family for dinner on Sunday night, one for my friend who’s very sick right now, and one for my widowed neighbor down the street.

Easy! And also great for party favor ideas!

Starting the process early, being prepared, and making several at the same time also saves a ton of time!

Then as the new season rolls around, you’re ready with gifts to give.

How many times do we have to quickly run to the store for a bottle of wine, a candle, or flowers?

Getting organized at home, and looking for bargains, saves time, money, and I think makes it very special to give.

When you can’t make homemade, keeping a few gifts on hand in is a good idea:

A bottle of something special. What’s your favorite barbecue sauce, specialty chutney, jelly, vinegars, salsa or even a lotion or soap?

Green gifts. Reusable totes, soy candles, garden seeds, and even dried Marigold or flower seeds.

Gadgets.: Wine stoppers, kitchen towels and potholders, blank note cards.

DIY Autumn Mum |

I love watching for sales, and picking up unique items, and when it’s a new season … it’s fun to think outside the box and spread a little seasonal cheer.

In this case, a beautiful autumn mum with a little DIY added touch.

What’s your favorite homemade gift to give this time of year?

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  1. Ich war auf der Suche nach Antworten auf dieses spezielle Thema finden und deinen Blog kam zuerst auf Google-Suche, aber ich kann nichts finden auf dieser Seite, die sogar leicht an, was ich brauche im Zusammenhang

  2. Beautiful Sandy. And how lucky the recipients are to have you for their friend! :)

  3. I make my own granola with coconut oil, I save interesting jars from jam, nuts or olives, granola in an interesting jar looks neat and my friends seem to like it. I love your flowers and the way you made them into something so special

  4. A simple, yet lovely way to brighten someone’s day! Great gift idea, Sandy!

  5. Such a lovely and thoughtful idea for all of the wonderful people in your life!!! Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

  6. A free gift that I have given to many friends are fresh cut flowers from my garden. I put the fresh cut flowers in a used can that I have saved. It’s a win win. Fresh flowers for a friend. Recycled cans.

  7. Oh Sandy, these are just GREAT!! I love them! So simple, yet so thoughtful and perfect to give someone especially this time of year.

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