Narnia Holiday Door … A peek into the lives of our many friends and family members during the month of December.

Today I’m sharing with you an easy DIY project to display your holiday photos and cards. How many of us stash these precious photos, cards, letters … into a pretty box, in a drawer, or hang them on the fridge?

My easy repurposed Narnia Holiday Door is easy to create; but first, where do you find such a door?

Last summer when my friend, Hoppi, was leaving town and holding a yard sale, I snagged her black door she had repurposed as a headboard for a twin bed (cute idea).

An old painted door for only $10. What a fun bargain.

Places to find old doors:
-Thrift stores
-Salvage yards
-Habitat for Humanity
-Craig’s List
-Flea Markets
-Estate sales
-Yard sales
-Dwell’s Lost and Found Map

We’ve joked about this door sitting in our home–What’s behind the door?–the door that didn’t really lead anywhere.

It made us think of the magical door in Narnia, though ours was just used for decor.

For the holidays I moved the door to a new space, to help create my new idea on how to display our holidays cards this year. :)

Added wire across the bottom – perfect for cards.

Used 2-sided tape to start attaching the holiday photos to the door.

In the next few weeks this repurposed door will be completely filled with our friends and families beautiful holiday cards.

Narnia Holiday Door.

A peek into the lives of our many friends and family members during the month of December.

A magical time for all.

Now if we could just walk through the door and all be together for one big party.

One day, I think we will …

How do you display your Holiday photos and cards from friends and family each year?

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