Entertaining Angels: Red Letter Words, The Hip Hostess, The Reluctant Entertainer GIVEAWAY!

I’m SO excited for this giveaway today! It’s amazing, and it’s all about hospitality, and my friends Dee and Debbie are joining me.

We live in a culture where most of us don’t have strangers coming to our door asking for food. During the Depression, however, my grandparents did have this happen. I remember my Grandma sharing stories with me of how she’d feed them, give them coffee, share God with them, and send them on their way. I will never forget how later in life when I’d read this verse (Heb. 13:2), I’d think of Grandma, but it would also get me thinking not only about my life, but our culture today.

Years ago when I started blogging about entertaining and hospitality, I asked readers what kind of people they entertained the most in their homes.

The popular answers were:



It actually made me sad that we don’t reach out more to neighbors, people of different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures.

Why do we stuff hospitality into a box, making it so pretty, perfectly safe, and always predictable? (Many of us rarely even open up our homes!)

So today Dee from Red Letter Words and Debbie from The Hip Hostess and I are giving away 3 items to ONE LUCKY WINNER.

We want to challenge you to think about hospitality with FRESH EYES.

We want to encourage you to do something different, radical, and courageous when it comes to opening your home for a meal.

It’s up to you to decide what it will be.

The cool GIVEAWAY:

Red Letter Words
Hebrews 13:2 Entertaining Angels gallery wrapped canvas
Here’s how Dee’s work is mounted. Down-right classy!
(Read the “Design Story” behind “Entertaining Angels,” HERE. A must-read!)

The Hip Hostess
4 BRAND NEW spring prints (below) – the winner gets to CHOOSE ONE!
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The Reluctant Entertainer
ONE signed copy (Yes, I’m wearing a Hip Hostess apron in my book! The Nester took this picture, but I know she won’t mind me using it here.)

COMMENT TO WIN all 3 amazing gifts that will help you with hospitality!

How do you feel about hospitality and does Hebrews 13:2 challenge you?

Do you always have the same people over for dinner or have you branched out?

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319 comments on “Entertaining Angels: Red Letter Words, The Hip Hostess, The Reluctant Entertainer GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Hi Sandy. I haven’t actually finished by blog design yet. It’s a work in progress. I have been surfing the blogs that I am interested in to get more information on what it involves to be a blogger. I’m very excited about it. In response to your challenge of coming up with something different for a dinner party, I decided to have my granddaughter invite 3 of her friends from school over and I called and invited their parents as well explaining that I would like to get better aquainted with her friends and their families in a more intimate atmosphere than PTA meetings. The dinner is set for March 9th.

  2. I am a follower!

  3. I do practice Hospitality, but i’m afraid i do it to much just to my church and family, you have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

  4. I just wanted to comment–I know the giveaway is done. We moved to a state where we know no one the end of January. We’ve shared meals with more people since moving here than we did in years at our other place. We’ve been over to one other family’s, but most of the meals have been around our dining room table. As it is the only place to sit, it’s getting a lot of use. (We’re missing cushions from both couches and the recliner from the move. Hopefully, they’ll be here by the end of the month.)
    It’s been a real stretch to open up our home in the condition it is in, but I’m praying and doing it anyway. It’s a 90 YO farmhouse in need of a lot of love and work!! Most of the meals have been just inviting whoever is over working to just join us in the next meal. It’s nothing fancy, as I am still waiting on all my fancy things with the cushions, but it’s healthy and hot.

  5. How do you feel about hospitality and does Hebrews 13:2 challenge you?
    I am all about hospitality!! I would have the masses at my house given the chance. However, I have a very anti social husband, who would think I am putting him through all kinds of torture if I had the amount of people out that I would like.
    I would like to think that i have at one time or another entertained an angel or two.

    Do you always have the same people over for dinner or have you branched out?
    We have a hunting lodge, so there are many people in an out of my table. However, I would love to branch out and have a more diverse group in.

  6. I recently had all my girl neighbors over for a girls night. It was wonderful to see us all laughing…two are Christian, one Morman, one Jewish, and one agnostic. What a mix…I intentionally had a few things with scripture on them and it was interesting to see that they were all inspired..even mentionaing it to me.

    We try to have the neighors over for some cookouts in the spring an summer. It is so good just to express care and concern for the people who live right around you. We have experienced some tragedy in the last year…one neighbor passed away and another is ill. We have had to band together and it has been amazing to watch.

    Thanks for the reminder….

  7. The red letter stuff is amazing. Looks so easy, but I know it takes time. I should be creative one of these days, but being a mommy takes a lot of time.

  8. Thanks For the Chance to Win :) I LOVVVVVVVE THIS print I love opening My home even to Strangers In hopes to entertaining angels :)

  9. And…now I am a subscriber to RE!!

  10. I tweeted about this giveaway at: @ justanette !

  11. I could join the crowd of “I don’t but I should”. Actually, I don’t have any family nearby so I mostly only have a friend over now and again. Although I had some friends from an hour away come and stay for the night cuz they had a class to take near my house and it started really early. I offered to watch my friend’s 8mo. old while she took the class. I was crazy excited to have them here!

    I am just beginning to work with some Buhtanese refugees and would love to have them over for food. I do get a little nervous about cooking (not sure what they like!), but with other folks I try to stick to things that are simple, but yummy. Reaching out to neighbors is a bit harder for me b/c I am single and it feels a little awkward to invite a couple over with just me here (my roommate is SO not into meeting the neighbors). But, I will work on it!!

  12. What a great give away! We love to entertain and I like to add Bibe verses to my decor whenever I can. Blessings…

  13. This does challenge me! We do entertain new people a lot since we are military and move about every 2 years, but we could certainly push those boundaries farther.

  14. WE have LOTS of company but honestly it is usually the same people. We have to PURPOSE ourselves to invite new or different people over. Sometimes being comfortable is a bit too easy…we need to push ourselves to show hospitality to new friends!
    AND, I was just thinking as I read all your comments that we have the sweetest single friend who would LOVE to come over for dinner sometime…if we just ASKED him!!!

    Thanks for a little “kick in the tushie!” ;)

  15. Being in the military, our entertaining mostly consists of friends, since we have no family nearby. However, I was actually challenged by this verse several months ago and started having monthly “shop dinners”. We invite all of the Marines who work for my husband and their families to come over for dinner. We actually had our March dinner last night! We’ve also had them all over for the major holidays. It’s been such an incredible experience for myself and my kids to get to know these “kids” and to just love on them. Many of my husband’s jr. Marines are single, living in the barracks, and they’ve actually begun calling me Mom. :) I also host many mommy/kid playdates at my house as well as socials for the Mothers of Preschoolers group I coordinate. I really do LOVE having people over.

    Growing up, my parents often had company over. Every Sunday, we’d have someone new over for dinner. As I got older, that changed, but the impression was still made. I do need to make more of an effort to continue to reach out to those outside my regular circle, though. What a great reminder!

  16. Now a fan of RE!
    Already a RedLetter fan!

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