Entertaining with a Simple Bowl of Strawberries

Strawberry season is here and there is nothing like a fresh bowl of “homegrown” strawberries.

They taste different than store-bought strawberries, don’t you think?

If you happen to have a farmer’s market up the road, or you grow your own berries, how about setting out a large bowl overflowing with strawberries the next time you entertain?

Simple berries. No need to impress with fanciness. You won’t even need to add any sugar. :)

All the red gleaming in the sun is magnetic. On a beautiful white platter.

Focus on your family and friends who are coming, and your time together, feeding fresh healthy foods.

Here’s a random thought: How about when dinner is over and the dishes have been removed, as you’re sitting around reminiscing and talking about life, you grab the hand next to you and do one of these things.

1. Just hold the hand in your hands. Feel the warmth, the age or the youth, the softness or the roughness.

2. Give the hand a soft massage.

Holding or rubbing a hand adds intimacy and will connect you to that person sitting by your side.

It’s a gesture that says, I love you, or I appreciate you, or thank you for being you!

Have you thought about the connection of healthy, fresh foods and reaching over and grabbing your guest’s hand at the dinner table?

6 comments on “Entertaining with a Simple Bowl of Strawberries”

  1. What a fabulous dish! Any suggestions on where to look for “cheap” entertaining pieces that will last a while? We’re newlyweds and working on paying off school loans so we don’t have the room in the budget to purchase beautiful tablewear.

  2. Strawberries are beautiful! What a great idea!!

  3. You are so the “Strawberry Shortcake” of my life :D {{hugs}}

  4. I wish I could just reach into my screen and pluck a berry from your gorgeous bowl of strawberries. They are my favorite fruit!! Yum! Yours are pure perfection! Yes…homegrown are sooo much better. Since didn’t grow mine…I was able to get some from the country market. So good.
    We too hold hands when we pray around the table…regardless of who is there. It’s been interesting over the years to see of friends children now initiate the practice at our home.

  5. Thanks Sandy! The strawberries look so fresh and beautiful, I can almost taste their sweetness. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and used to pick strawberries every summer for a big strawberry farm. Nothing better than fresh picked!

    What a sweet thought to reach out to hold a persons hand while sitting at the table…we do that when we pray but I don’t know that I have done something like that just as a gesture for a friend. You have me thinking this morning as I sip my coffee…..smiles!

  6. Lovely idea, Sandy. I’m adding “a trip to the strawberry patch” as one of the things to do this weekend with our houseguest – nothing like a fresh bowl of strawberries to add some sunshine to a weekend brunch.

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