When I’m a guest in someone’s home, I take to heart the hard work that a hostess puts into her meal. I don’t expect perfection and I try to make light of a situation that may not be perfect.

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Like if her kids are acting up, I know exactly what that is like, because I entertained when my children were little. I actually never want to forget those feelings, so I find myself extending grace to the hostess and offering to help. I’ll be the first one to grab the baby and just might not give it back :)

– It could be that the hostess is fairly new to cooking, and a few mistakes are made. Again, I’d never want to embarrass the hostess, so finding the right, comforting words to say, assuring that everything is going to be okay, is another way to extend grace.

– I’ve found myself saying, ” Oh, don’t worry that the bread is overdone. We love crunchy bread anyway.” Or, “Let’s just grab some ice cream and chocolate sauce and no one will have a clue that the brownies are burnt.”

Sometimes entertaining just doesn’t come naturally.

I often think about motives. When I’m invited over to another home, my motives are to sit back and enjoy someone else’s cooking, to relax and find out more about their family, and to engage in meaningful conversation. It is not to judge or critique the hostess. In fact, if I find myself doing that … I immediately take charge of my thought process and say something positive.

The fact that we all try is what makes hostessing beautiful and rewarding.

Do you extend grace when invited to dinner in another’s home?