Fall Flower Love in New York City

NYC Flowers

Now that October has arrived we can officially begin fall decorating, right? I love this beautiful time of the year. The air is crisp and nothing quite gets me in the mood for a fall dinner party like the smell of freshly baked apple dessert, soup on the stove, freshening up the front door, and adding a new scented candle in the kitchen. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers!

NYC Flowers

Luckily, fall decorations are easy, especially when you rely on nature for most of them … twigs, branches, pumpkins, gourds, apples, pears, and leaves. You can buy the autumn colored flowers at florists, grocery stores, and grower’s markets. Loved seeing them delivered to the flowers shops in NYC.

NYC Flowers

Everything from fall table settings to green Dollar Tree dinner plates. From soups to warm butter cake. Straw and pumpkins. Fall is so delicious and vibrant!

NYC Flowers

Last week I was in New York City with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. When I got home, my friend Jack and his wife Carol brought me over 2 BHG magazines from 1951 and 1952! So fun to read.

NYC Flowers

Loved the $7 for 3 years subscription price!

NYC Flowers

I really enjoyed staying in the flower district, and taking a stroll one morning up and down the street checking out the unique flower shops. Especially since it’s fall now and in our yard, and we’re getting ready to prune for the winter!

Flowers make me happy.

NYC Flowers

I borrowed some flowers for my table from my friend Jeannie. And my go-to IKEA napkins with MacKenzie-Child Courtly Check plates.

Fall flowers. MacKenzie-Child Chargers. IKEA napkins.

And went to my favorite florist in my town, Penny and Lu Lu (we’re planning a party, here … stay tuned later this month.)

NYC Flowers

As a warmer autumn moves in to fall, it’s time to resort from beautiful yard flowers to our favorite florists for their cheeriness to brighten our days!

How often do you buy flowers?

5 comments on “Fall Flower Love in New York City”

  1. Not often enough! I did just buy some mums and kale for the front porch (and my daughter “snuck” in some violas). I need to make it a priority to buy some now and then for indoors, though. Nothing cheers a room like fresh flowers.

  2. Love Fall…my favorite season! I try to buy flowers every 2 weeks to brighten up the house. They always bring a smile and lift the spirit. The mums in my garden are starting to open and I am finishing decorating the house and garden for the season. Love those black and white plates and reading BHG, Sandy!

  3. Love fall decorations! It’s such a fantastic season!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love fall decoration! I normally buy flowers once a week! :) They brighten up the living room!

  5. Love the checkered plates. I have a flower garden out in front of the house so I don’t buy flowers very often. My hubby used to buy me flowers once a month for over 14 years until his hours changed and he didn’t get to stop and buy them from a guy who sold them on the side of the road. But he did plant me the flower garden so that’s even better. *smile*

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