Warm connections can start when your guests walk up to your front door.

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Whether they’re coming for dinner, to pick something up or drop off, to grab a child, to drop off a kid, maybe even drop off or pick up a quick meal, no matter what, your front door area is important.

Everyone’s front porches are different, and my area is rather small, so I choose to keep it simple.

This fall, I chose beautiful mums.


And turned over buckets to add height. A garden bucket and a Home Depot orange bucket (color tied right in).

It’s colorful, seasonal, was very inexpensive, and it says to my guests, “Happy Autumn,” when they come to the door.

Warm connections also begin the minute you open the door, with a smile, with the words that come out of your mouth, and the way you make a person feel.

Can you remember a time you felt welcomed, right at the door?

If you don’t have time for seasonal decorating, how do you make your entry or front door area welcoming?

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