I’m reviewing an amazing product from GE Appliances. You might have read about my trip to the GE Appliances Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, in May, where I got to see this beautiful French Door Fridge that I’ll be telling you about today. Now if I could only own one of these … But that’s okay. I love sharing the beauty with you!

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GE recently put this fridge to the ultimate test. They filled one with the freshest food they could find, hooked it up to a generator and ventured over 2000 miles in a Ford F-150 to a remote desert to surprise a homesick scientist with a home-cooked meal. You can watch the adventure here.

In my own home, how do I keep a “fresh kitchen”? We’re in the harvest season for our city-lot backyard garden. We have 11 raised beds, a strawberry and raspberry patch and a few fruit trees. So when the fruit and veggies are ready, we bring them inside — wash, spin, dry, bag — and store the food in the fridge so it stays nice and fresh and ready to enjoy during a family meal or while entertaining (which we do often).

Last time we grilled veggies from our garden our guests were ecstatic! But who doesn’t love fresh garden goodness? Plus I always love the conversation that takes place around fresh food.

I’m looking forward to tomato season (almost here), when I’ll make different homemade recipes (roasted tomatoes are our favorite).

We’re still getting lettuce, so it’s stored in the fridge in Ziploc bags (yummy Fresh Beet Salad).

Later this summer we’ll be pulling our potatoes from the garden. We can store these in the fridge in our garage and use them over the winter months. I’d like to share some beautiful features of this GE French Door Fridge, which I was able to view a few months ago. Some of the features really help me maintain a fresh and healthy kitchen — one is the ice and water filtration system for drinking and cooking.

Another great feature is the electronic temperature deli pan.

And there’s LED lighting for greater visibility.

The deli drawer is full width!

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(Previously mentioned GE sweepstakes ended on 8/22; so sorry for any confusion if you tried to enter.)