Grilling in the Snow? Sugary Sweet Steaks in Any Weather!

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. -Author Unknown

It’s a snowy day today, and I’m wanting to curl up by the fire and maybe do some cookin’ in the kitchen. I even asked my husband and kids what they want for dinner tonight!? There’s just something so magical about a big snow fall.

Tomorrow my sisters are coming over for dinner and we are making this. Yum. A family tradition.

Today my friend Brenda, over at A Farmgirl’s Dabbles, and her husband, Blake, are grilling up my Sugary Sweet Steaks, recipe found in my new book.

The snow just keeps on falling around here, making for one of the snowiest seasons on record. But that hasn’t been reason enough to quit grilling outdoors. No siree!

Armed with a shovel and the image of a hot grilled steak in his mind, Blake can conquer any snow topped deck. – Brenda, A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Brenda’s also giving away a copy of The Reluctant Entertainer today, so head over and sign up to WIN a copy!

If you could stay home on a snowy day and could be in the kitchen whippin’ up your heart’s desire (or your family’s favorite recipe), what would it be?

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11 comments on “Grilling in the Snow? Sugary Sweet Steaks in Any Weather!”

  1. Nothing better than grilling in the winter. YUM

  2. I just bought your book(actually my husband gave it to me for V-day after I hinted)and I am enjoying it. Right now, it’s 29 degrees here on the central coast(CA), and I’m freezing. It hailed, but no snow (your photos are beautiful). ANYTHING hot sounds good, even just hot chocolate, with whipped cream, of course:)

  3. I do love a beautiful snowfall! Makes me want to whip up some yummy chicken and dumplings or my mom’s chili recipe. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. We love grilling all year long. When we lived in Colorado we quickly learned that if you waited for the snow to leave you were going to be waiting a while. So a quick run to the grill to put the food on and quick sprints in and out to check on it. That’s the key. Why wait for spring and summer to have a juicy steak and salad?

  5. When in that same place I love making chicken soup with dumplings AND something, anything chocolate. I think being housebound requires chocolate for sustenance.

  6. We woke up to a touch of the white stuff again today too……..which was just mean since we had some 70’s last week! haha

    and I’m not doing much in the kitchen, I’m in desperate need of hitting the grocery store, we are scrapping the bottom of the fridge tonight! haha

    fyi——my dad always grilled year around and so do we!! it’s one thing I love about having a gas grill!!
    Thanks for linking up Sandy!!

  7. That dish you’re making with your sisters tomorrow looks delicious! And…you went from planting strawberries to a yard full of snow?! Ouch! Oh well, it sure is pretty out! If I’m home on a snowy day, whippin’ up things in the kitchen to my heart’s desire, I would probably be making soup or a pot roast. And a pan of brownies! Have a great weekend, Sandy!

  8. Beautiful pictures Sandy. We only got a bit of snow…not even 3″ )C: I would love more snow. I think if I was stuck in the house on a snowy day (hopefully I had food in the house…we were home for a few days since only one car is able to go in the “snow” down our hill, but the cupboards and fridge were lookin pretty bare since it’s time to go grocery shopping)…but I’d def. cook some type of comfort food..chili, pasta, something like that…

  9. Well it was supposed to snow here yesterday and today but so far nada drop of the white stuff. My wife and I went home last night and made Tortolini and Turkey Sausage soup, with grilled French Bread. A meal that warmed us to our bones, and so satisfying. We needed something that was comfort food as our son was in town for the last night, he moves to Fresno today to start a new job. The first for us, he went to college here in Redding and has worked here and lived here his entire life. We are so excited for him and his wife, but now know the real meaning of bitter/ sweet. Anyway enjoy your snow…..
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

    • your soup sounds yummy. It was funny because I had just sent an e-mail to my hubby telling him that “sure let’s go to a conference in Redding in may”, and then read your post and saw you were from Redding. (C:

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