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When your family says, Mom, when can you make that again? You know you’ve done something right.

I love the warm baskets of tomatoes that we’ve been pulling off the vines, as we’re now coming to the end of tomato season.

The smell.

The color.

The warmth.

And then adding in other vegetables that have been harvested, sliced up, ready to go …

Tomatoes, zucchini, onion, basil, fresh Mozzarella cheese, pesto.

Ready for what?

One thing I’ve taught my family is to make-do. Ad lib. Go with the flow when cooking. Use what you have. Make it work.

This time I had no recipe except for a beautiful platter of harvest goodness.

I layered these items in a 9×13 pan, adding in 2 layers of lasagna noodles in between.

Topped with Parmesan cheese, I covered it all with foil, put it in the oven at 375 degrees, and cooked it for 45 minutes.

My family said it was the best lasagna they’ve ever had. (A peek under the foil.)


Happy family.

Full tummies.

A reminder of Autumn.


Do you make up your own lasagna recipes?

Day 1. Autumn.
Day 2. Health.
Day 3. Entertaining.
Day 4. Sunshine.
Day 5. Fresh.
Day 6. Heirlooms.
Day 7. Harvest.