Last Sunday we had lunch with our friends from New Zealand. Friends who came to America to do ministry-related work.

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We had the best time.
We were comfortable.
We didn’t have to worry about what to say.
It felt cozy and warm being together on this wet, rainy, cold day in Oregon.

We were snuggled up inside and had yummy soup, “real” scones and then coffee, tea, and brownies.

My friend wrote me later and said: “It is sooo nice to have people in our lives that we feel we have a little ‘history’ with now.”

What does it mean to have a little history?
My friend’s words were these: I guess when most of our entertaining is with new friends, you feel like you’re starting at ‘square one’ with them. Everything is new – all the conversation is about finding out new things. But when you have a little history, you can build on what you already know about them. It makes for a different kind of gathering. Both are good and fun – but maybe history is a little more comforting? And a little more relaxing? No longer strangers. Nice to be doing life together.

Oh, and by the way, what are “real scones” to a New Zealander?
Real scones in their eyes are fluffy and light. Shaped in rectangles, triangles or circles, so they can look very similar in appearance to an American biscuit. Not the thin, hard, triangular sort you find in the stores here. Scones are traditionally eaten as part of the English ‘high tea’, with jam and cream on them, but are also popular with soup, and as part of lighter, casual meals. They are the kind of thing that our Grandmothers would make at the drop of a hat, when unexpected company arrived, because they use ingredients that most people always have on hand. Some people add cheese or currants or raisins or dates to them as well.

Do you feel that ‘history’ with your friends makes entertaining easier?

(Thanks to my sweet friend, Marla, over at Family Fresh Cooking, for sharing her ‘scone’ picture with me today for RE! YUM!)