History Makes Entertaining Easier: Doing Life Together Over Soup, Scones and Brownies!

Last Sunday we had lunch with our friends from New Zealand. Friends who came to America to do ministry-related work.

We had the best time.
We were comfortable.
We didn’t have to worry about what to say.
It felt cozy and warm being together on this wet, rainy, cold day in Oregon.

We were snuggled up inside and had yummy soup, “real” scones and then coffee, tea, and brownies.

My friend wrote me later and said: “It is sooo nice to have people in our lives that we feel we have a little ‘history’ with now.”

What does it mean to have a little history?
My friend’s words were these: I guess when most of our entertaining is with new friends, you feel like you’re starting at ‘square one’ with them. Everything is new – all the conversation is about finding out new things. But when you have a little history, you can build on what you already know about them. It makes for a different kind of gathering. Both are good and fun – but maybe history is a little more comforting? And a little more relaxing? No longer strangers. Nice to be doing life together.

Oh, and by the way, what are “real scones” to a New Zealander?
Real scones in their eyes are fluffy and light. Shaped in rectangles, triangles or circles, so they can look very similar in appearance to an American biscuit. Not the thin, hard, triangular sort you find in the stores here. Scones are traditionally eaten as part of the English ‘high tea’, with jam and cream on them, but are also popular with soup, and as part of lighter, casual meals. They are the kind of thing that our Grandmothers would make at the drop of a hat, when unexpected company arrived, because they use ingredients that most people always have on hand. Some people add cheese or currants or raisins or dates to them as well.

Do you feel that ‘history’ with your friends makes entertaining easier?

(Thanks to my sweet friend, Marla, over at Family Fresh Cooking, for sharing her ‘scone’ picture with me today for RE! YUM!)

15 comments on “History Makes Entertaining Easier: Doing Life Together Over Soup, Scones and Brownies!”

  1. Absolutely- it takes a lot of pressure off in a variety of ways and it’s so refreshing to just be able to go straight to the heart issues.

  2. A shared history is precious to me whether it be with family or friends. I’d happily share scones with both old and new friends friends tho.


  3. My best friend and I share such a long history! We will both turn 50 this year and we went to kindergarten together. We then went to different elementary schools till 4th grade, but became very close our freshman year of high school. We have shared together through tears and joy- weddings, a divorce, the births of 6 children (I was able to be with her for all 3 of hers.), depression, the illnesses and deaths of 2 grandparents and 2 parents, the weddings of my 2 daughters and the “return” of my son… plus, we’ve gone to church together for many years…it goes on and on! I was finally able to make her an official relative by matchmaking her with my sister’s brother-in-law!
    Needless to say- entertaining with Diane is effortless!

  4. Oh, yes! History with someone does make gatherings especially fun and meaningful. What a delightful post, Sandy! :)

  5. Definitely! But I always enjoy making new history too!

  6. Oh yes, friendships with histories are so fun & relaxing. Thanks for sharing my scones photo with your readers today :) xxoo

  7. I know exactly what you mean about friends with history….the kind you just pick up with where you left off the first time. Comfortable being just who you are with. Having an understanding and acceptance of each other…..gems! Kathy

  8. Sandy, I so understand the simple joy of having friends over that are like a great pair of cozy slippers. This summer we invited some friends that we rarely get a chance to see to come camping with us in our trailer. I told them to bring their jammies as everything else they would need was there. They came and we had the best time just catching up. It was wonderful.

  9. We had friends over on Sunday afternoon – last minute, unexpectedly. Very similar in that we just wanted to hang out together and let the kids run around. It wasn’t fancy – just burgers and salad {it’s what I had on hand}. I enjoy it most!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  10. We all know that it is always nice to include “new” people in our mix for entertaining. But it is so wonderful and yes COZY to have people who we have “history” with. There is something about having old friends over, to just hang out with, laugh with, pray with, and just to catch up with. With our lives at times appearing to be spinning out of control, we all need to be able to just have “history” with people whom we now and love.
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

    P.S. Sandy have those Medford sidewalks reached up and make you fall down lately???? LOL just wondering =)

  11. We just had my best friend from college and her husband here this past weekend and it was wonderful. We all go back about 19 years now, and even though we maybe see them once a year and email spuradically during the year, we always enjoy our time together like we haven’t missed a beat. It’s very comfortable as we know each other so well, and yes, it makes hosting them much easier. But there is definitely a balance needed of enjoying our long-time friends and still reaching out to others.

  12. Oh, definitely, a sense of history helps relaxation and true enjoyment. I find that I don’t feel as though I have to try so hard. Not that I don’t try at all…there’s just not as much pressure.

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  14. My NYE party was such fun! Thought I’d post here because of the shared history with our friends we had over. One was the above-mentioned Diane and her husband; and the other 2 couples we have gone to church with for over 20 years- and one was me principal for 5 years! It was a very informal party- paper plates etc, mix-your own mocktail straight from the bottle, and the guests helped me put together the Natchitoches meat pies. They were all so appreciative that I had the party. Yay me! Yay and thanks, Sandy! Happy 2012!

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