Warm Connections {Day 3}: Multi-Generational Homemade Pear Applesauce

I love how my daughter whistles while she works …

Even in the midst of a messy kitchen, while canning homemade pear applesauce, Abby and I can have fun together.

When the apples arrive from our dear friends, Roger and Faye, we know what comes next: the canning process.

Thanks to Kitchen Aid and the nifty attachments that hook up to my stand mixer, all you have to do is wash the apples (pears), cut in quarters, boil down in a heavy pot, and then run it through the attachments.

I never add sugar. I jar and process for 25 minutes. Cool, wipe down the jars, and place in the pantry, jars ready for winter enjoyment.

The canning between a mother and daughter is very simple.

We talk about the love between our family friends of 30 years, their home being one of our favorite homes in southern Oregon, the forging and sharing of friendships and good foods, the importance of multiple generations, gratitude for elderly friends being a part of our children’s lives. Some retired friends have shared the responsibility in getting Abby to her violin lessons every week for 12 years when I was not able to drive her. The saying “it takes a village” does make it easier for a child to understand the role of multiple generations in a life.

Thinking back to this day, I watched Abby take over. She basically did the whole canning process by herself after I cooked down the apples. We’ve done it so many times, she knew exactly what to do. This kinda makes a mama proud–kids who know what to do in the kitchen.

It gives me a sense of “if something happens to me, I know everything is going to be alright.”

Warmer connections come when we can work in the kitchen alongside our kids.

It not only gives us face time with our child, but when you hear the whistling going on, you know there’s a little happiness somewhere in their heart, too.

Now I wanna get me some warm pear applesauce. :)

When’s the last time you worked alongside one of your kids in the kitchen, and how did it make you feel?

Here’s a past about applesauce and soul … I think you’ll enjoy.

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  4. I am blessed with 5 sons and only 1 daughter. She is on staff at a missions organization working with the victims of Katrina in New Orleans, LA. So my two daughters-in-law and I canned and froze 9 half bushels of apples over the weekend, what fun! I loved working with them and wished my daughter was able to be with us too. Maybe next time;) I’d love the details of your Kitchen Aid and the attachements also. I see a great Christmas present in my future!

  5. Love this post and the authenticity of it……..esp. the first picture….. My grandmother always told me to never refuse the children’s help in the kitchen, for if you do there will come a time when they no longer ask to help. Thanks again for all of your inspiration and for just being you…….

  6. My oldest made rhubarb strawberry jam with me a couple of weeks ago. I found some cute oven mitts just her size and she was so proud to be a big girl and use those!

    My housekeeper gave us a huge bag of apples from the dacha so we made some apple butter and some applesauce. But, the jar drama! They’re different here and you need a special contraption to seal the lid! ;)

  7. Yummy! This sounds awesome!

  8. Oh, this post warmed my heart tonight. I have a little boy, and he really enjoys helping in the kitchen. We’ve already had so many fun memories making food and a mess.

    I love your series topic and look forward to more reminders about the importance of connecting with those that matter most. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Sandy,

    This post gave me goosebumps. My daughter also whistles while doing things she enjoys. And although she is only 9, I could see a glimpse of what’s ahead, and it made my heart smile. “Warmer connections come when we can work in the kitchen alongside our kids.” Sigh.

    We made our first apple pies together a weekend ago while singing along with The Band Perry and although I wanted to cry over the crust (ugh!) we had a blessed time.

    Love what you are creating here. Thank you for sharing.

    xoxo michele

  10. I love canning goodies that I get to feed to the kids through the year. Haven’t tried dragging the kids into the production, however… well, except for when I can corn. The kids usually husk a dozen or so ears apiece cuz I usually handle 50 ears at a time. I’m afraid if they decide to can food once they’re on their own, they’ll need to learn how for themselves. I’m going to have to try some pear applesauce; one of my sons loves pears and devours applesauce.

  11. Zuzu and I made Oreo Pops on Saturday night for church the next day. So much fun trying to problem solve together and once we figured out an easier way, there was no stopping us!

  12. Lovely post as always Sandy!

    What is the attachment called for your Kitchen Aid? and where is that recipe for that lovely Pear Apple Applesauce?!!

    Leaving us hanging here!


  13. Aww…love the photo of her whistling. I can’t wait to make this recipe I have some pears that need to be used. The boys and I like to see what silly creations we can come up with next. We are always going down the road dreaming up flavor combos. xoxo

  14. It has been awhile since I cooked with my grown daughters, we usually get together for some holiday baking tho and I’m looking forward to that.

    Recently DH taught the GD to make dumplings when she was visiting us. The next time she came to spend the night she asked if we could have something with dumplings for supper so she could make them. What fun!


  15. That sounds delicious! I had a sample of pear cinnamon cider at trader joe’s this last weekend, this reminds me of it! Thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying this month (31 Days!) so far!

  16. I love this post! I know exactly what you mean about if they can handle themselves in the kitchen without you it makes you feel secure.

  17. Cooking with my grown Daughter is one of my favorite things in life….chopping, prepping, giggling, talking, tasting….memories for a lifetime.

  18. As a kid who’s grown and left home, I still carry fond memories of baking Christmas cookies (from recipes passed down through the family) with my mom. I think of her when I bake them in my own home, and it’s such a great treat when I have the chance to bake them with her.

  19. I used to can fruit sauces and jams with my daughter years ago. She’s 31 now, but she’s still my best friend. It’s a wonderful thing when family is close!

    Nice read!

  20. I love working with my girls in the kitchen!

  21. Hi Sandy, That looks so good! I am wondering just what attachement you are using on your KitchenAid?

  22. All my kids like to help in the kitchen so I have at least one, sometimes two and on occasion all three in there helping me almost every day. I love it when they “help”.
    I need to get that attachment for my Kitchen Aid! How handy is that?
    Have a beautiful day my friend.

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