I love how my daughter whistles while she works …

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Even in the midst of a messy kitchen, while canning homemade pear applesauce, Abby and I can have fun together.

When the apples arrive from our dear friends, Roger and Faye, we know what comes next: the canning process.

Thanks to Kitchen Aid and the nifty attachments that hook up to my stand mixer, all you have to do is wash the apples (pears), cut in quarters, boil down in a heavy pot, and then run it through the attachments.

I never add sugar. I jar and process for 25 minutes. Cool, wipe down the jars, and place in the pantry, jars ready for winter enjoyment.

The canning between a mother and daughter is very simple.

We talk about the love between our family friends of 30 years, their home being one of our favorite homes in southern Oregon, the forging and sharing of friendships and good foods, the importance of multiple generations, gratitude for elderly friends being a part of our children’s lives. Some retired friends have shared the responsibility in getting Abby to her violin lessons every week for 12 years when I was not able to drive her. The saying “it takes a village” does make it easier for a child to understand the role of multiple generations in a life.

Thinking back to this day, I watched Abby take over. She basically did the whole canning process by herself after I cooked down the apples. We’ve done it so many times, she knew exactly what to do. This kinda makes a mama proud–kids who know what to do in the kitchen.

It gives me a sense of “if something happens to me, I know everything is going to be alright.”

Warmer connections come when we can work in the kitchen alongside our kids.

It not only gives us face time with our child, but when you hear the whistling going on, you know there’s a little happiness somewhere in their heart, too.

Now I wanna get me some warm pear applesauce. :)

When’s the last time you worked alongside one of your kids in the kitchen, and how did it make you feel?

Here’s a past about applesauce and soul … I think you’ll enjoy.

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