How to Thank A Hostess with a Gift or a Hug

When I was a little girl, my parents had a large circle of friends and family, so it wasn’t uncommon for us to be invited to dinner almost every weekend. I wish at the time I would have had more mature eyes to notice mom’s sweet ways of saying “thank you,” as we’d be greeted at the front door.

Mom would give a hug and she’d hold her hand out with a precious gift.

A thank you gift.

A hostess gift.

They were never expensive and were rarely store-bought.

Many times, in Mom’s hands were garden treats or flowers from her yard.

Or something yummy in a jar.

Today it might be a fun potholder or a lotion or soap.

A fresh couple of kitchen towels.

It could even be a roll of MyDrap paper napkins.

The point was not to impress, but to say thank you.

The reality today is that, even if you don’t have time to bring a specific hostess gift when you’re invited out, a hug will usually do. (But there’s always chocolate, wine, baked breads or a fun kitchen gadgets, if you really insist on more than a hug.) :)

What are your favorite hostess gifts to bring?

Next time you want to treat your favorite hostess, consider one of these delicious recipes instead:
Homemade Chocolate Sauce
Homemade Salsa
Flip-Over Strawberry/Raspberry Jam
Apple Pie in a Jar

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19 comments on “How to Thank A Hostess with a Gift or a Hug”

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  3. I love bringing people bouquets of herbs from my garden!

  4. My girlfriend always brings a loaf of her fresh baked bread–I love having her over! I usually cop out the easy way and bring a bottle of wine. When I have time, I like to find a small antique like a beautiful bowl or plate that is inexpensive but special.

  5. One of my favorite hostess gifts is bringing dried herbs or even a fresh herb bouquet from my garden. Of course there is always your book that also makes for an amazing gift……
    love you,

  6. I think anything homemade is a wonderful hostess gift, but I agree that dish cloths or a pretty new kitchen towel is a great way to say “thank you.”

  7. Being an avid bread baker the first thing I always think of is a loaf of bread!

    But hand knit dish cloths are also high up on my priority list!

  8. I love taking something homemade as a hostess gift. Usually something baked or a can of something I’ve canned!

  9. Perfect idea! You are my go-to now without a doubt! Great post girl!

  10. Sandy, I loved the pic of the jar of strawberries. You just gave me some ideas for back to school gifts too for the teachers. I loved how you kept the price tags on the gifts to let us know it’s the thought that counts. ;)

  11. I love to bring FLOWERS! Preferably cut and in a vase of some sort so the hostess doesn’t have to run around trying to find something to put them in…they are ready to place wherever she would like!
    Have a beautiful week, Sandy!
    ;-D Kathleen

  12. Usually I have a drawer full of napkins that I find @ Christmas Tree Shops or spmewhere. I put them in a bag w/tissue and home-made note saying thank you. My mom never went to someone’s house empty-handed, so I try and do the same. I also keep candles on hand as well

  13. We all seem to have so much “stuff”, so I have done a few disposable gifts. First, I buy a loaf of breakfast bread form our local bakery and tie it up with a new dish towel for the “morning after”. And in the Fall and Winter I have given a few paperwhite bulbs, some beach rocks, in a pot and instructions on how to grow them. Very popular gift! Especially in the winter in Wisconsin.

  14. I never go to someone’s without a dish or a small gift. Mom said to do it that way. So that’s how I roll. I’ve actually starting knitting a small stack of cotton washcloths to have on hand as small gifts.

  15. I love leaving something small just to say Thank you for putting aside time to entertain ME!

  16. I couldn’t agree more! I think baked bread, or a bottle of wine or chocolate is always nice.

    Oh hey, I wouldn’t mind a copy of NEW MOON and ECLIPSE.

    Any takers?

  17. I was stuck on how much more common it was to get together in years past. “We” think we are just too busy to take a Summer evening and spend it with friends….Our generation needs to return to times spent with friends and family.

    I like your ideas for hostess gifts.

  18. My first choice is always something home/hand made. A jar of jam or a couple of hand knit cotton dishcloths tied with a pretty ribbon will do the trick. Yesterday tho we were invited to a brunch here in the mts. and I had neither of those items on hand. I knew there would be several children there so I stopped at the market and picked up one of the small seedless watermelons and it turned out to be a big hit. There can never be enough watermelon in the summer.


  19. I love what you said: the point was not to impress, but to say thank you. I will remember that the next time I obsess about a hostess gift!

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