A few weeks ago when preparing for a family dinner, I picked up some miniature white Gerbera daisies from the grocery store. Long-stemmed, fully wrapped to protect each delicate pedal. Elegant and each one with its own attitude, if you know what I mean.

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This time the store only carried white, but usually there are some stunning, vibrant colors to choose from.

Do you ever think about flowers each having an attitude? What are they saying, as they look up to the sky, or when they are starting to droop and get dry and brown? I’ve always wondered …

With these beauties, I used the following items to make them stand out and be perfectly gorgeous on my kitchen countertop.

-Glass rocks
-Wide mouth vase

Place the daisies immediately in tepid water. Tepid means that the water is neither warm nor cold. When I bring flowers home from the store, even if I don’t get around to arranging them for a day or so, I place them in a tepid cup of water.

When getting ready to arrange, cut each stem individually and place in the vase of water, rather than cutting a bouquet and inserting it in the water.
Dissolve an aspirin in the water. This will keep the daisies fresh and alive for significantly longer.

I used glass rocks to support the stems. Gerbera daisies have weak stems, which can lead to them looking droopy more quickly, so the taller the vase, and having something for them to be stuck into, helps them stand tall.

Make sure that there is sunlight directly overhead. Gerbera daisies will turn toward sunlight just like sunflowers. As a result, the best way to keep them looking perky is to make sure that the sunlight is coming from overhead. Otherwise, they will turn or twist on their stems to face the light, making them look droopier.

A large elegant glass vase with vibrant Gerbera daisies placed on your countertop or in the middle of your dinner table is a way to add a festive flair for dinner parties, or make an everyday meal feel special by giving the table a fresh pop of color.

Here’s a twist for a springtime dinner party: Place slices of citrus fruit in the vase with the daisies, mixing bright pink flowers with pieces of lime, or orange blooms with slices of lemon.

For a summer dinner party: Toss a few colorful tops of Gerbera daisies in the swimming pool or a nearby fountain. They will float along the surface, giving an unexpected touch of color.

Decorate your bedroom: Fill a large, clear glass bowl with water; place the tops of Gerbera daisies and floating candles inside.

You can also float the pedals: Float in a shallow amount of water in your bathtub, for entertaining. Coordinate the colors with your bathroom colors, or add a bright, festive accent color.

The ideas are limitless and fun. I especially love the very top photo with my 2 sisters in the background .. totally an unplanned photo! :)

What’s your favorite Gerbera daisy color?