Now and then I like to share a little decorating tip, and one that is my favorite is really simple, and elegant.

I think back to how my mom decorated in the 70s, and she always brought nature inside. We lived out in the country, so it was very common for her to cut pussy willows or cat tails and bring them into the house or on to the front patio as a part of the decor.

I love the simple look of a curly willow. You’ll find these in Pottery Barn and maybe you’ve wondered where you could get them?

At your local florist you can pick up fresh (plain) curly willow branches for very little money.

What I did was call ahead to our florist and ask when the fresh ones would be arriving.

I only bought one single stem, for a tall, narrow vase in my living room. I think I paid about $4.

Here’s a tip to make the willow bloom and last for a long time.

Use a hammer to pound (crush) the bottom inch (2.5 cm) of the stem for maximum water absorption. Place in a vase of water. In a week or two it will start to sprout.


I do love the simple, yet elegant touch of a single curly willow.

I also bought two branches of other greenery while I was at the florist. I’ll you have to do is ask, and sometimes they’ll just give them to you.

What’s a simple touch of nature that you like to bring inside?