How to Make a Difference by Hosting a Dinner Party

Over the years I’ve met more than a handful of women who lack the confidence to throw a dinner party. But then once they do it, the excitement arises and they realize what true hospitality really is.

They realize the joy and fulfillment that comes from hosting others in their home, and it wasn’t really that hard after all.

And they felt the benefits of coming together and the encouraging that took place around their table.

Have you ever thought that we can be a part of history by opening our homes? We can actually make a difference. I love that! Also, a person may take a different path in life because of words around somebody’s table inspired him or her.

The spirit of opening our homes, of letting others see how we live and love, of sharing our food and intimate conversation, can be life-changing for another person.

As the hostess, holding a dinner party does two things:

1. It makes me get organized, plan ahead to clean, prepare, and cook, and it teaches me to give of myself to others.

2. It can inspire, encourage, and be life-changing to the people around my table, as food is the conduit to connection.

I’m humbled to even think this thought, and how God can use any of us:

Our home and family today can be an influence on our hectic, self-centered society.

It does take effort, but when I lay my head on my pillow at night, I know God works in mysterious ways and it’s not for me to figure it all out.

Have you thought about the impact you or your family can have on others by extending an invitation to dinner?

9 comments on “How to Make a Difference by Hosting a Dinner Party”

  1. Sandy you have the best blog around on the heart of true hospitality. THE BEST! I love everything you are doing. I thought you might like this..I posted it awhile back on my blog and it seemed to really help people get their minds around the heart of the issue!

    True hospitality is loving others with your life…

    It’s not “entertaining” . . . but providing a comfortable setting for people to enjoy and learn from one another.
    Not showing off . . . but sharing life, embracing hospitality as a message you give other people about their value.
    Not kitchen theatrics . . . but kitchen-based ministry, using food as a catalyst for community.
    Not dinner parties and open houses . . . but mealtime communion and openhearted living.
    Not house beautiful . . . but rejoicing in the beauty of shared meals and fellowship in a welcoming setting.
    Not doing something unusual for “company,” but creating an everyday lifestyle that provides welcome to family, friends, strangers . . . and yourself.
    And it’s not just for those with gorgeous homes, professional cooking skills, support staff on call, or special spiritual gifts. It’s the way God intended all of us to live . . . and what God calls, He enables!

    Loving with your life, in other words, is always a matter of loving with your life right now, as you are right now. Each season may look different. But whatever season you’re in, you can find ways to make loving with your life a gift you give others about their value!

    Thank you for being this lifegiving hospitable woman to all of us Sandy. Keep going girl…you are such a gift to soooo many!!

  2. Hi I have been reading your blog for awhile and have your book as well,and I finally got the courage to invite someone over! But then we moved and I know you know how almost dead hospitality is today ,it’s almost impossible to make friends at a new church, and today sitting at vbs with some ladys they started talking about someone who had moved away with whom they used to get together with, and one lady mentioned how she was the only one missing from their circle! I couldn’t believe it! No wonder we can’t break into their inner circle. That almost makes me want to just give up and quit. But I know God wants us to be hospitable to each other so I will have to buckle down and try harder. Before I read your book or blog I would’ve been ready to move again, But now I think I will read your book even more and try harder, with Gods help. Thanks for your “ministry”. God bless.

  3. Well said….I wish more people would entertain…..just think of all the fun we could have. I think I better get to planning my next dinner date. =)
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. The words you share today are moving. “Making a difference” is the perfect reason to step out of the comfort zone and open up our homes (and our selves) to others.

  5. this might be one of my favorite posts you’ve written! i’m linking to it on my fb page. :)

  6. This is so true! So many woman have no confidence when doing this. I admit I get stressed out myself sometimes, but when it comes together, I feel great!

  7. My hubby and I always wonder why we don’t get invited over to people’s houses more often and then I realized it’s because we are always inviting people over here. LOL! I love to entertain. There are so many perks.
    1. You don’t have to leave your house.
    2. You know 9x out of 10 the food is going to be something YOU like. LOL!
    3. You don’t have to worry about driving home late.
    4. The kids won’t be bored because they have their toys and such to play with right there.
    And the list goes on. Ha! Ha!

  8. I never thought of entertaining in that way, but I think you are absolutely right!

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