Over the years I’ve met more than a handful of women who lack the confidence to throw a dinner party. But then once they do it, the excitement arises and they realize what true hospitality really is.

They realize the joy and fulfillment that comes from hosting others in their home, and it wasn’t really that hard after all.

And they felt the benefits of coming together and the encouraging that took place around their table.

Have you ever thought that we can be a part of history by opening our homes? We can actually make a difference. I love that! Also, a person may take a different path in life because of words around somebody’s table inspired him or her.

The spirit of opening our homes, of letting others see how we live and love, of sharing our food and intimate conversation, can be life-changing for another person.

As the hostess, holding a dinner party does two things:

1. It makes me get organized, plan ahead to clean, prepare, and cook, and it teaches me to give of myself to others.

2. It can inspire, encourage, and be life-changing to the people around my table, as food is the conduit to connection.

I’m humbled to even think this thought, and how God can use any of us:

Our home and family today can be an influence on our hectic, self-centered society.

It does take effort, but when I lay my head on my pillow at night, I know God works in mysterious ways and it’s not for me to figure it all out.

Have you thought about the impact you or your family can have on others by extending an invitation to dinner?