How to Make a Wheatgrass and Succulent Winter Tabletop

Make the best of what you already have … I write about this in my book. Learning to be satisfied with what you have and not complaining, comparing, or coveting someone else’s life.

It sure makes life better once you figure this out. :)

I actually find myself giving thanks to God when I start to get discontented about something. I want to be happy where I am today, and with what I’ve already been given.

I’ve also learned to make use of what I have. I’m showing you one of my favorite beautiful wintertime tabletops today – that you can make yourself! I love simple DIY projects.

During these cold winter months I really wanted to add some life and color to my living room. My friend was coming over for the afternoon, after having surgery, and I wanted a cheerful place to sit and visit.

A cup of tea, magazines, blankets, … we had a nice visit and caught up on life. I really wanted her to take a nap in my bedroom, but she assured me a visit was what she wanted.

Sometimes the sky seems cloudy all day, until a friend comes along and brightens the way. :)

A few years back I learned the tip of adding “green” and freshness to winter decor, by buying a few wheatgrass containers from the grocery store. They’re so inexpensive ($1.59 each).

I took a few of my succulents from the back yard, and put them into 2 small containers. (Can you believe these chicks and hens stay so pretty outside during the winter months?)

And don’t forgot to ask your favorite florist for a bag of moss. It’s much nicer than you’d buy at the craft stores. (If you know them personally, they may give you just the amount you need.)

Items needed to make your own Wheatgrass and Succulent Winter Tabletop:

4 pints wheatgrass
1 bag moss
2 succulents & containers
1 tray

Put the items in the center of a tray.

Add the moss around the outside.

As the wheatgrass grows, you can cut it (like grass). And don’t forget to water it!

It will stay nice and green for a week or two.

Fun for a coffee table.

Or even a centerpiece for your dining table.

What’s your go-to easy wintertime arrangement that is affordable?

More ideas for succulents:
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15 comments on “How to Make a Wheatgrass and Succulent Winter Tabletop”

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  2. What a great idea for adding some living green in the house! So easy too…I’ll be featuring this post in my Friday Fabulous Finds today :-)

  3. This is such a thoughtful and wonderful idea. I love that you made it for your friends visit, so sweet. The green is so vivid and would brighten up any day. And after, you can use the wheat grass for a healthy treat!

  4. Oh how I wish my thumb were a little more green… this looks like something I might be able to handle though.

  5. This is such a great idea Sandy and I think even I could do it.

  6. Sandy, this is such a charming idea. I would have never thought of the wheat grass. Nicely, done!

  7. ‘Stays grren for a week or two.”. Then what happens?

  8. I have been craving GREEN. It’s a magical thing for the mind. I was actually looking at succulents today, trying to figure out where I could put them in our house. Love this…”I actually find myself giving thanks to God when I start to get discontented about something. I want to be happy where I am today, and with what I’ve already been given.”

  9. This is gorgeous. You are so creative, my friend!

  10. That is so pretty! It would look amazing on my kitchen table!

  11. Wow Sandy! Just love it! Green is such a lively & fresh color!

    One of my favorite winter arrangements is to take a big shallow basket & place (2) containers of fresh oregano in the middle & then fill the rest of the basket with fresh lemons.

    It is so bright & beautiful, & edible too! Thanks so much for your inspiration today~ Hope you have a warm & wonderful weekend~

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