How to Make an Easter Tabletop with Tulips and Grape Hyacinth

tulip & grape hyacinth tabletop | reluctant entertainer

As we learn to walk in love with our lives–actions, words, thoughts, deeds–it’s beautiful to see how the investment in relationships brings rich rewards.

Easter and Spring are the best place to start, if you are a reluctant entertainer.

If you can keep the “back to the basics” sort of mentality, I’ve found that it makes entertaining much more enjoyable.

I wrote about it over at Simple Mom’s,  if you’re planning an Easter gathering this year, but today I’m specifically sharing about a simple tulip tabletop that  you can make yourself, that will make your table gorgeous!

One thing I’ve learned: The simpler the table, the happier I am.

What is it about simplicity that brings so much joy?

Simplicity like walking into your own yard for tulips, grape hyacinth, and greenery. Or using what you have …

grape hyacinth flower | reluctant entertainer

Creating a Tabletop with Tulips, Grape Hyacinth and Fresh Greenery

-Look at the table and count out how many low-level mini centerpieces you’ll need.

-Gather your vases. If you need to borrow vases, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends, or even your neighbors.

-Cut fresh greenery and any blooming flowers from your yard and make mini arrangements. If you don’t have flowers or greenery, ask a neighbor or a friend if you could snip a flower or two from their property.

-Create mini arrangements and place down the center of your table.

-Cascade the greenery around the vases down the center of your table.

tulip & grape hyacinth tabletop | reluctant entertainer

Low-line mini arrangements really creates a nice tabletop for large groups.

You want to be able to look across the table and see who you are talking to!

I’m just being real here. I see so many Easter tabletops all over cyber-land that are, in my mind, over the top. Too much. Distracting. Trying to be impressive, when realistically what matters most are our attitudes and the time shared over the meal.

It’s not about impressing. It’s about investing! And the conversation that takes place around the table …

Have you thought ahead to your tabletop for Easter? What flowers or greenery are in your plans?

Need some more Easter tabletop inspiration? Visit my Pinterest Board where some of my lovely friends and myself are pinning away … HERE.

12 comments on “How to Make an Easter Tabletop with Tulips and Grape Hyacinth”

  1. Gorgeous, Sandy. I am terrible about getting flowers for the table. Luckily, my 6-year-old is insistent that we have flowers once spring hits.

  2. I love simplicity in tablescapes. This sounds beautiful! :)

  3. I love grape hyacinths — they used to grow all over our backyard when I was little. I think I need to plant some!

  4. I’m no good at tablescapes, I love you rips and tricks!

  5. I love a simple table top, too – and get really bothered by ones that are too tall to converse with someone across the table from me! I love these sweet little vibrant vases!

  6. So pretty, Sandy! I love the arrangements and the wonderful tips!

  7. Beautiful! I love the low vase concept. So much prettier.

  8. So pretty and I love that the flowers can come straight out of the garden!

  9. This is so simple, yet so gorgeous! Tulips and hyacinth are my favorite flowers.

  10. I love grape hyacinth! The smell is intoxicating. We’re so close here to the first blooms coming out. Thanks for sharing these photos and tabletop tips. Makes me want to throw a big dinner celebration!

  11. These are lovely, Sandy!! I would love to sup at that table with you!

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