You just can’t beat brunch for a casual Easter gathering.

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It’s perfect for Easter day, to help celebrate a beautiful holiday in a casual, comfortable and relaxed way.

In my kitchen, we have a large center island that works perfectly for serving buffet-style. With this entertaining style, I have my table set ahead of time so there is easy flow.

-Have your table completely set.
-Right before serving buffet-style, gather the plates.
-Stack the plates near the food.
-Let your guests serve themselves.
-Guests will come back to the table and everyone eats together.

But not everyone has this option, so other buffet ideas would be to use your dining table, the top of a piano or sideboard, or to even set up a table in your living room. Your guests can sit around in the living or family room, or even on the stairs!

Go ahead and be creative! Casual can be really fun!

An email came this week from my friend Deanna, sharing her Easter RE weekend…

Deanna said: I’ve been reading your blog for almost as long as you have been writing it. This morning I was thinking about some of the things I have learned/put in to practice.

This weekend we are having an “RE Easter weekend.” When the weekend is over we will have served 26 people (12 on Saturday & 12-14 on Sunday) at our house.

Deanna shared 5 RE tips that she’ll be implementing:
1. Having people over even though our house is only 1018 sq ft.
2. Doing two family dinners back to back. (Both of our families.)
3. I’m cooking the meat & an accompanying dish – everyone else will be bringing sides & desserts. (Delegation!)
4. My favorite: the perfect boiled egg! (I love that tip.)
5. We’ll be playing Pandora as our background music.

I’d love to hear about your Easter weekend ahead, how you’ll be serving your guests, and any RE tips that you’ll be putting in to practice?

Have a glorious weekend, friends!

(Pictures from last Easter. Next year I’ll share about this Easter as we’re not doing brunch, but serving prime rib.) :)