Layering Photos & Art on Open Kitchen Shelves

How we decorate our kitchens not only make them attractive and inviting, it can also make them relaxing and a reflection of our style and who we are as a family.

One way to accomplish this is by adding your own photography or art, which adds a personal touch.

We have an open shelf between my kitchen and dining room where I love changing the decor according to the season.

Since it’s almost strawberry season in our area, this time I layered with a piece of art, 2 photos, with an attractive plate that tied in with the color theme.

I love the conversation that it brings when others walk in, because we love to talk about our strawberries (and make yummy desserts to share with others).

Layering tips on open shelves:

– Think of what you love and how you can display it in your kitchen.
– Think of the season.
– Decorate with a theme or a color theme.
– Adding photography or art brings color and texture to the room.
– Think of layering if decorating on shelves.
– Think of what you find interesting and what others may see as unique and inspiring.

I really get bored with the same thing on the shelves month after month, so changing things up gives a stylish, fresh feel.

It makes the kitchen a warm and inviting place where our family and friends can have a good time, and where we share love, conversation, and good food.

Do you ever change your kitchen decor with the change season?

6 comments on “Layering Photos & Art on Open Kitchen Shelves”

  1. Love your photos. I don’t generally change my kitchen up with the season, but I do try to add something to the windowsill over my sink that speaks of the season. Iin summertime, I scatter a few shells from my collection to remind me of fun times spent at the seashore.

  2. My wife and I change out the cookie jar and fruit bowl on opposite ends of the penninsula counter. My wife collects cookie jars and some have big bowls to match. They get changed out about 8 times a year. Most of the time we change out the bumped out sink window sill and change the handsoap dispenser. The centerpiece on the kitchen table gets changed too.
    We are getting more organized with shelves in the basement and am a bit embarrassed how much stuff is down there.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    I just love your pictures of the all the delicious strawberries – and highlighted with those pinky red flowers is just gorgeous! You are such an inspiration.

    I must confess…I am not one to much change up my decor! Yikes! But what does change on a regular basis is all the various in-season produce that sits on my kitchen island that I am planning on cooking with. I am a sucker for all the produce sold at our local farmer’s market in the parking lot on Sunday after Mass.

    I also like to have fresh flowers in a pitcher on my kitchen table (my husband is sweet to bring them home to me) and family pictures up on our kitchen fireplace mantel. Oh – and on the mantel, I usually have a changing display of holiday cards. I especially love the homemade ones from my son. Too cute! (Even at 13, he’s still making them for me!)

    But your pictures are so inspiring to me…I might have to try framing some nice photos of the produce on my kitchen island! ;-)

    Have a great weekend!


  4. It made me so happy to see my pear painting up there. Glad you’re enjoying it. Happy spring!

  5. I love your idea! I really do. I will have to see if I can incorporate it into our next apartment next month. Thank you!

    To answer your question, I have not decorated my kitchen in several years…knowing that we move often it just seemed silly. But, I think I will give it a shot after we move this time.

  6. I do- I haven’t done too terribly much at this place, but I do have a pretty iron/glass tray that I keep on the island with flowers or something seasonal. I like something to make me happy while I’m cooking! :)

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