Leaving the Husks on While Grilling Corn

We’ve eaten so much corn this year, I think it’s coming out of our ears! (Hee-hee, that was pretty funny.)

Seriously, our family has really enjoyed sweet, savory corn on the cob this summer, served several ways.

Recently we had dinner in Portland with our friends and they grilled it … in the husks!
How easy is that?

Corn on the cob cooked this way has a mild flavor, but it’s tender and juicy.

How to Grill Corn in the Husk

-Soak the corn in the husks (easiest in the sink or a bucket) for a least a half an hour.

-Pull them out of the water and lay them on the grill, turning ever 5 minutes or so.

-Cook until they are heated through, 15 – 30 minutes, depending on how many cobs you have on the grill.

-The husks and silk come off very easily.

After giving thanks for our dinner, the little kids usually raise their hands.

This time … it was the big kid. :)

What has been your favorite way of serving corn this summer?

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8 comments on “Leaving the Husks on While Grilling Corn”

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  2. Grilling corn with the husks on is the way to go. I am always surprised by food magazines that recommend grilling it without the husk–of course they are going for a better photo with grill marks, but the corn becomes dry and overcooked. Husk-on preserves the moisture and soaking the husks in advance reduces singed husks — perfect. I have seen recipes that include special rubs and seasoning for the corn, but the husks are then folded back over the corn for cooking. This is pure summertime GOOD!

  3. I think that we had it once- boiled! {next year, next year!!} My dad has grilled corn in the husks before and it’s so tasty!

  4. great pictures and tip! We are so into corn right now!

  5. YES, genius idea!

    Now I’m hungry for corn.

  6. Love the “big kid” reaction…precious!

  7. That sounds like fun, we’ll have to try it! Here’s the method we fell in love with last summer… and have never been disappointed! 1) Fold the husk back, so it makes a “handle.” 2)Brush the corn with melted butter, and sprinkle with salt. 3) Lay them on the grill with the husk-handle sticking off the grill (this gives you a cool handle to turn the ears + prevents the husk from charring too much). Cook till tender! YUM! Be sure to eat OUTSIDE, the husk can flake a little and make a small mess of your dining table! (Now I’m wishing we grew corn this season!!!)

  8. I’ve never tried grilling corn in the husks before but it sounds like the right thing to do it will probably preserve all the goodness that gets out with the fire otherwise. Do you know anything about the nutritional value for cooking it like that?

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